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Sunday, May 09, 2004

I hope today is a very special day for my Mom, even though most of her kids won't be near on this day. She is the best mom a girl could ask for and I thank her for everything she has ever done for us in this life. Her unselfishness is comparable to none. I love you Mom!

Also, I wish to say Happy Mother's Day to all of those so very near and dear to my heart. You all make terrific mother's and I hope you have the kind of Mother's Day you deserve.

Feeling Uninspired

I had such a terrific weekend away in Wales last week, however I just haven't seemed to have the drive to blog much this week. Normally I find myself struggling to find something to write about, this week I had lots to write, but struggled to write it. I hope that makes sense.

Last weekend was our first long weekend to have some time to ourselves so Andy and I decided to take off for Wales. We ended up staying in a place called LLANDUDNO that was absolutely beautiful. There was a fair in town for the night, giving the coastal town an even more spirited feeling. The town is in a peninsula surrounded by mountains and the gorgeous Atlantic ocean. The first morning we got there we decided to go up the mountain, called the Great Orme, to look around. Everyone else took the tram up, however I stubbornly made Andy walk... we then took the Cable Car back down. It was an absolutely spectacular experience, the views were out of this world. We took lots of pictures but sadly, they just weren't the same.

We then visited a place called Conwy Castle. This was a castle built in the 1260's that is still standing strong. The walls of the castle still surround the village which itself is still quite old and very quaint. That night we retired pretty early as our bodies were aching beyond belief... let me tell you - a good two hours at the gym doesn't end up making me that sore!

On our way back from Wales Andy asked if I wanted a Subway (we never made it to the one in Lincoln as it was closed when we got there) - I gladly said yes. We stopped in a town called Doncaster and Andy and I spent an hour walking around looking for it in the town center before we finally called directory service for the number. I must say, it was so yummy, especially the white chocolate chip/macadamia nut cookies after our subs! Although Andy enjoyed his, I have to say I have a wonderful guy - driving out of the way and then all that walking around to make me happy! I was even happier when I was told that a Subway will be opening in our town in approximately six months. YEAH.

We had a wonderful weekend together and I'm so looking forward to the next time we head out for some time away.

Conwy Castle

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