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Sunday, May 16, 2004

I'm Back

Getting away for a week up to Glasgow was exactly what I needed. I had an enjoyable 4 days with Val and the kids. The train ride up was quite uneventful and really enjoyable really. I was a bit nervous about catching the train and transferring myself, however it was no problem. I met and chatted with an American couple during the journey from Doncaster to Glasgow.

When I got off the first train in Doncaster, I had an hour's wait for my transfer so I decided to walk into town and get myself a Subway for my lunch. I have to say, I must be crazy as I had the heaviest damn bag to carry and its not user-friendly. Its a big suit bag of Andy's that you double up and trust me, I over-packed as usual. I stumbled through that town just focusing on my goal while sweat was tricking off me... I know I must have looked an absolute moron, lol. Everyone kept eyeing me - probably thinking, what the hell is she doing with that awkard bag! I finally made it to the Subway and the manager, after commenting about my BIG bag, was very happy to serve me and chat about Halifax (he'd been there many times). It was funny when he got to the veggies though, as he said 'lettuce, tomAto, onion and cucumbers?' These are the top choices of the English you see. I laughed and said, "no cucumbers, but lots and lots of pickles please". Subway is just not Subway w/o the pickles.

I dreaded the walk back to the Train Station, however just knowing that lovely sandwich was in my bag, along with 2 cookies, gave me a little added incentive. What I won't do for food...

When I got off the train in Glasgow I was thrilled to see Val and Lori waiting there for me... they both looked absolutely fantastic... I couldn't believe how Lori had grown and how great Val looked - just the same as ever - you'd never know she'd just delivered a baby boy 3 weeks prior. Some damn women have all the luck! Her father, who is 81, was out in the car with baby Luke. I was pleased to meet Granda Bob as I've heard lots about him. And the bab was absolutely perfect of course!

Little Lori

That night after the children were asleep, Val and I polished off at least 5 bottles of wine... to say we were a bit rough for wear the next morning would be correct. For the next two days we behaved ourselves as managing a hangover with two little children to attend to is not the easiest of tasks to manage. At the moment, Lori is waking up just after five a.m. to go and see and kiss her 'wee' brother. As cute as that sounds, its an absolute nightmare.... However Val gets up and attends to her children. By nine o'clock they are ready for the day. I've since decided that having children is maybe something I should stop fretting about. I like my lay-ins a little too much.

The Clan MacDonald

On Thursday afternoon Granda Bob dropped over to say hello, and of course cuddle his newborn grandson. He was very excited to tell me about the Massacre of the Clan MacDonald, maybe my ancestors he thought. (Although we are McDonald. He even said there was a song written about it and the dear old soul even had a copy of it that he played for me. Apparently King William (we are talking hundreds of years ago now) ordered the Clan Campbell to kill the MacDonald's... The Campbell's arrived at the MacDonald's seeking shelter, and as the MacDonald's (naturally), were a good people, they invited the Campbell's in for the night. During the middle of the night the Campbell's proceeded to murder all men, women and children, thus sparking off a feud between the Campbell's and the McDonald's. My thoughts couldn't help but wander to the Hatfield's and McCoy's....

That night when Stuart (Val's husband) called, we told him about our afternoon and he had actually known the story ... Apparently the children of Scotland learned about this in school. Val must have been absent that day, as she had never heard it. Shortly after the call, Stuart texed Val with a warning for 'Jody to watch out for those Campbell's'.

The rest of my journey was quite relaxing. On Friday morning I accompanied Val and the children to Lori's playgroup where I ended up reading to the children - something I have really missed doing since coming to the UK.

Friday night Stuart came home with Chinese and we again sat around drinking wine for the remainder of the night. We had a lot of laughs and at some point they brought out their wedding book... I have to say, from looking at those pictures (they had a very small wedding) and from seeing a few of my sister's wedding pics, I have decided that we will have a photographer at our wedding in September after all... Something Andy had thought we should have from the get go, but I of course was being my stubborn self as I thought we could just have family/friends take random shots. Now though, I don't think its worth the risk... better to have a professional ensure you have your day captured properly.

I will say that I was happy to see Andy waiting for me at the station in town - It was good to be home.

Tawny & Taylor Barratt - May 5, 2004

I've been enjoying reading my sister's wedding blog Bridal Confessions, and I'm so glad she's taking her time and giving us an updated, written version of their wedding celebrations as I wasn't there to experience it myself. I'm so pleased that the people who were there were sooo good to them and that my sister Stacy, and our Dawn, were there in place of the rest of the family.

I can't express though, how hurt and dissapointed I am with my sister Sandra. Andy and I paid for her ticket to Vegas as Tawny and Taylor's wedding gift in order that she would be THERE for Tawny, especially in my absence. (At the time we thought Stacy was not going to be able to go). Sandra never even bothered to contact Tawny until Tawny saw her upon her arrival in the Chapel. (Sandra had been in Vegas since Monday). To say that I was offended that she wasn't there for Tawny is an understatement.

For years Sandra has done her own thing and is off in her own world, and although I understand that this was the first real vacation she has ever had, I think her priorities were very misplaced. She should have at least been at Tawny's stagette dinner the night before, and she especially should have been with Tawny and Stacy the morning of her wedding day. Her boyfriend Brad would have been fine with Taylor, its not as if they don't know each other... I just don't understand her. Tawny has been wonderful in the fact that she has just decided to put this issue on the back burner until the glow of being very newly married has worn off, but I do believe that Sandra has a lot to answer for. I know that Tawny won't let this cause an irreparable rift between them, as she is so much better than that, however she has a right to expect more from her sister and I wouldn't blame her if she didn't go out of her way to forgive or be close with Sandra for the foreseeable future. I know its something that she will never forget.

Anyway, that's enough blogging for one day. It's a beautiful sunny day here and I need to be out enjoying it.

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