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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Mr. & Mr. Barratt

Thanks to the wonderful world of internet those of us who were not able to attend Tawny and Taylor's wedding in Vegas were able to view it via webcam. Last night Andy had tested the Treasure Island Web Viewing site to ensure we would be able to view the service this evening. At 11:25 tonight we eagerly logged on to await the beginning of their wedding. Nada - nothing was coming up. At 11:34 I called home, where my mom, dad, aunt and uncle were anxiously awaiting as well, with no luck either. Apparently my cousin was on the other line to my mom as she was not having any luck herself. Finally, at about 11:45 (my time) the picture came up and there was Taylor standing beside Ciaus awaiting his bride to be.

The picture then flashed to Tawny being walked down the isle by our life-long friend Dawn. My breath caught. My sister looked absolutely stunning. She was every bit as beautiful a bride as I knew she would be. I was sooo excited. And then we lost sound. My dad rang to see if we finally had any picture and I could hear the wedding in the background, so I knew they had sound. A few seconds after I hung up the phone with my dad, the sound came back... we were just in time to hear Tay's vows. I started to cry. His vows to my sister were perfect and so summed up his love for her. Tawny just cried.... it took her a few moments to gather herself together, but when she did, she said her vows beautifully and they were perfect as well. I couldn't stop crying.

My little sister was getting married. I wanted to be there with all of my heart and I knew Andy's heart was aching for me as he knows how badly I had wanted to share in this week, this day with her. This morning when I spoke to her on the phone to wish her happy wedding day, I tried my hardest not to cry... I didn't want to upset her on this very momentous day... I prevailed and stood strong. However whilst talking to my cousin Denise on the phone afterwards, I couldn't stop from crying. My mom and dad had been crying during the service as well and I had to wait for an hour or so after to talk to them. Today was a very important day in our family. I know we all wished we could have been there, but I know Tawny knows that we were, in heart and soul.

I wish them both all the happiness in this world that they deserve. They have made a true commitment to each other to love, laugh, cry and grow throughout their life together, united as one. I know they will do this. They are a testament to what love really is.

I have so much more to talk about as its been a pretty good weekend/week, however its nearly 2:00 a.m. my time and I'm very tired. Andy and I had our new bed arrive today and I think its about time I headed that way.

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