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Monday, May 31, 2004

It'S ThE BiG 3-0 GiRL!!!

Well today our dearly loved Dawn turns THIRTY... no going back now kid! But, really - you are now only embarking onto another stage in your wonderful and adventurous life. I hope this year brings you all that you want and deserve. You are so worth it.

I can't believe its been about 22 years since you began coming around with Tawny, both of you together to become such 'thorns in my side' . Who would have thought way back then that we'd all grow up to be such close family?

Happy Birthday, beautiful friend!

Can You See Them?

Today Andy and I had a very enjoyable day at the beach. The sun was hot and the breeze wasn't too strong so we took off for a day out. At first glance, the beach didn't overly excite me as it was a lot of long grass and brown sand and further out it was just a bunch of mud flats. However once you walked down the grassy dunes for about 10 minutes, we reached light brown sand that was rather soft and although the water was about a mile and half out, it was still nice. We sunbathed for about an hour, had a picnic, and then Andy went for a walk. He was gone for a long time but when he came back he easily convinced me to walk out to the water with him as he said he'd seen some seals frolicking around.

Upon nearing the water, we had our eyes peeled, and lo' and behold, we saw one seal followed closely behind by two more. Three seals just about 15 feet off the shore watching our every move! They were so cute and they just kept following us with the current. We were walking out to a sand dune, trying to reach it before the incoming tide swallowed it up. By the time we reached it, the seals had obviously gotten bored and took off. We'd gotten pretty wet reaching the sand bar, and as we weren't in proper swimming gear we just ended up taking our kit off to splash around (There wasn't a soul in sight, and hey - we were a mile and a half out from the main beach.)

I went back into shore a few minutes later, while Andy messed around a bit. He got a bit of a surprise when he turned around at one point and there was one of our little pals right behind him. It was quite funny. I think Andy was a little worried that it might come too close and get a little frisky as it didn't take him long to get out of the water after that.

I must say, after we got home we were feeling a little frisky ourselves - so much so that we broke our new damn bed!

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