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Monday, May 24, 2004

To Hospital We Go...

Andy's mom and dad have both received their operations successfully. Andy's sister Alison arrived in town early last week to assist in getting them settled into hospital and ready for their surgery. Andy's dad, the lucky sod, got to have his surgery done in style, at the local private hospital, Saint Hugh's. This place is like a little hotel and the food is akin to that you might get in a four star restaurant. Needless to say his recovery has been swift. I do have to repeat this little story that might be cause for a chuckle...

"Dad's AWOL"

On Thursday afternoon Alison and I left Wendy at the hospital to go home and have a quick bite and relax for an hour or so. Around 5:30 I drove her back to the hospital (the general community one, where Wendy has the so-called pleasure of residing in for the next week or so)with the intention of heading over to Saint Hugh's to see if Dave was ready for picking up. Alison decided that we should call first from her mobile to see what was going on, before I went over. She was astounded when the receptionist informed her that Mr. Allenby had 'already been released'. She gave a surprised 'oh' and hung up. (This normally would have been where we should have said 'when and who did you release him to' if not in shock).

We had been waiting all afternoon for Dave to call and tell us he was ready to be picked up, so needless to say we weren't very happy. I told Alison to go on inside, that in all probability Dave had left his hospital to go be with Wendy at her bedside - I in the meantime, would go back to the house (Wendy's) and make sure he hadn't gone there. Upon arrival at Wendy's I found everything as we had just left it. Just after letting myself into my own house, Alison rang to say that he wasn't at the hospital either... By this point we were both getting pretty worried, and of course Alison wasn't letting Wendy know what was happening, as this would cause her needless worry. Andy then called to say that he was on his way to the hospital and that Alison had left him a message saying that their Dad was AWOL. To say he was pissed was an understatement. It was just like his Dad to up and leave without making sure any of us were there to take him home....

I was just getting ready to walk back over to Dave and Wendy's to check again, when the phone rang and it was Alison. Her dad was still safely in his room at Saint Hugh's... waiting to be picked up. The receptionist had screwed up - she said she had made a mistake as they had had a number of patients released that afternoon. Ironically enough just as Alison was going back into her mother's bedside to tell her what had been happening, who should Wendy have been on the phone to, but Dave. Dave is still saying he couldn't believe the number of obscene messages that were awaiting him on the answering machine from Alison upon his arrival home Thursday night! It might not have been overly funny at the time and that receptionist likely didn't have a good evening after that goof up, however upon looking back I think it was pretty funny.

Anyway.... Wendy, after finally being given a blood transfusion Saturday evening is finally beginning to feel like herself again. I have been back and forth to the hospital most days and evenings trying to ensure that her care is up to standard. I know that the nurses there are busy and sometimes can't get to all the patients when needed but quite frankly some of them just aren't in a hurry, regardless of what they might be doing. Wendy has a long hard road ahead of her what with her body adjusting to 'new' knees and learning how to walk all over again. But she is determined and I know she will prevail. Since leaving his own hospital, Dave has been sitting with Wendy from about 1:30 each day until 8 each night. He says he feels fine and truth be told, you'd never know he'd had his gallbladder removed (something I'd like to shove in my old friend Paula's nose). They are each 63 years old and more determined and uncomplaining than most people my age.

Due to all the running back and forth, ensuring Dave gets fed and to his medical appointments, sitting with Wendy, etc. I haven't had much time to blog, or think of anything else. I am thankful that the 'worrying' stage is over and that they are both well on the mend. I have grown to love these two very much and don't know what I would have done without them here to help ease my transition into this part of the world.

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