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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Sounds From Home...

Sitting here listening to the Rankin Family as I blog away. I wasn't gonna blog today, but figured I should as I might not be able to for the next three days. I've a full day tomorrow and we have the kids as of 6 p.m. tomorrow night till 6 p.m. Sunday night. I can't say I'm overly looking forward to the children coming this weekend as Natasha is being 'difficult'. To make a long story short the first thing she said to her father last nigth (when I wasn't around) was 'So did you get your harrassment order from the police???' in a very snarky manner. Enough said. Andy sometimes can't help himself and will get into it with her... I've suggested from now on he just say to her 'I will not discuss these things with you'.

A Day Out With the Ladies
Today I had a day out with Andy's mom and her 74 year old friend Beryl. It was very nice actually and we had a lot of laughs. I wasn't expecting it to be unpleasant as I always have a nice time with his mom. I however have to say, I thought of my friend Darla alot today as she is always chumming around with the 60+ crew... and I have to say, I can't really blame her and can certainly see why. These ladies have had a lot of life experience and they can be quite FUN.

Keeping in Touch
I'm really pleased with the way my friends have been keeping in touch with me... I know that there are a few of you who read my blog regularly (and those of yours that I read) - it is a great way to stay up to date. Other friends have been staying in touch by email, phone and happily actual letters and cards. I was just saying to Andy last night, that my mood got that much lighter from just receiving my third email from a gal I used to work with. This gal, Crystal, was always up for a good time and never dissapointed! Let's just say I won't be surpised to hear that she might just one day be making a trip to this side of the pond. And I tell her what I tell any of my friends... my place will be your place, I might even be able to be a tour guide at that point ... and if not, there are plenty of pubs I can bring you round to!

Books, Books and More Books

Since I've been here, I've already bought six new books... (I brought 3 with me and have completed two and 1/2 of those). I couldn't wait to read one of my new ones, The Good Women of China and now I'm quickly trying to get through the one I'm currently reading so I can begin The Lovely Bones, a book everyone else seems to have read but me. Andy had given me a gfit certificate for Christmas and as the store was having a buy 2 get one free sale, I just couldn't deny myself... ahhh books... I love them so.

Weekly Wrap Up -
To Blog or Not to Blog

1. Why do you blog? Its a good outlet for my emotions and its a great way to keep loved ones up to date on what's happening in my life.

2. What do you blog about? Why? Just about anything that I feel like really. I use it as sort of a journal.

3. Who is your primary blogging audience? Why? Definetely my sisters and friends who blog themselves... a few other friends check it out occassionaly, and I'm sure some friends/people have looked at it once or twice and never came back...lol - let's face it, what's interesting to me, might just be crap to them.

4. What is your blogging philosophy? Why? I wouldn't say anything in my blog that I wouldn't directly say to someone. My blog is not meant to trash talk any of my friends or loved ones, EVER. I never intend to offend anyone either, although I never know anymore what might offend some people, and if people find my blog offensive, they don't have to read it...

5. Have you ever stopped blogging or considered ending your blog? Why? What happened? Nope... I've only been blogging for about 4 1/2 months... I'm hooked!

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