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Wednesday, January 07, 2004


I have to admit, actually I hate to admit, that over the years I have become strongly addicted. Not to drugs, not to coffee or tea - strange since tea is the #1 drink in England, not to alcohol (although I've come close, lol) - but to Diet Cola. At first it was Diet Coke. Throughout high school and most of my 20's I was an avid gulper of Diet Coke. However in the past few years my tastes have changed and diet Pepsi (at least out of a can) became my diet cola of choice. Now, I'm not too fussy, some people only want one or the other all the time. I however can make allowances and if I'm out at a restaurant and they only serve one or the other, fine by me.... and when I was in TO visiting Tawn, she'd bought me a case of Diet Coke for my visit - which I thought was the sweetest thing ever - and although I was more into Diet Pepsi at the time, I happily drank it. Now however I am living in England and I have to say, the Diet Pepsi here stinks... it is so syrupy and sweet that I can't just take to it... I thought my days of drinking diet colas were over as coke must surely be the same (which would be a great thing actually as my teeth might stay white a bit longer, I wouldn't be consuming aspartame, my bones would stand a much better chance of staying strong, not to mention my skin might just improve) but alas, I tried the coke, very hesitantly, and voila - it was much the same as back home... thankfully my one bad vice will remain. I need that much living over here - besides the only other thing I ever drink is good old water (not counting booze mind, lol).

My Little Sister is Really Getting Hitched
Well from reading Tuna's blog, I can see that all her plans are in order. Quite frankly that doesn't surprise me one little bit! Tawny and Taylor don't waste time when it comes doing things that are important to them, and this being the most important thing in their lives thus far, of course they are anxious. The plans sound absolutely lovely right down to the location and the beautiful dress I believe she has selected. I have to admit though, that when I read her blog, or talk to her/the family about her wedding it is with some bitter-sweetness in my heart. I am sad that my parents will not be attending as I know they want to so badly, and that Tawn would love for them to be there. However I understand my mother's fear of flying... when you are prone to rupturing your ear-drum, flying must seem to be a very scary thing. Also the money is a big factor for my folks. I read this morning that Tawny has asked her best friend and my dear friend Dawn to give her away. Naturally it is a wonderful idea and I know Dawn must be thrilled. It does sadden me though that as Tawny's big sister that this role cannot be filled by me... however as circumstances are what they are, it is so right for Dawn to do this. Dawn is an honorary sister in the McDonald clan and as she is next under me, lol... she is the best woman for the job. I am so happy for this! I'm glad Tawny and Taylor have taken the initiative to get all their plans in order... and I want them to know that I will do all in my power to get to their wedding. If this damn divorce ever goes through, I WILL be there, nothing will stop me. Just to see my sister get married will be enough. However if I cannot get there, I know the whole affair will be taped (at least I hope so)!!!

Sex and the City
I have never been a real follower of this show, only the odd episode now and again as we did not get this channel at home. I always knew who the characters were and what their respective personalities were like. I wished that it was a show I could watch. Now however I have a satellite dish and can pick the show up. Mind, its a season behind, but really what do I care since I never got to watch much of it and they are all new episodes to me. Andy watches the show with me, which is great I think, as it opens many venues of conversation. He does not find the character Carry Bradshaw attractive in the least and doesn't like the fact that I say that out of all the characters, I'd mostly relate to Samantha. I'd like to think I'd have ended up like her if I hadn't 'settled down' LOL. Its funny the way people look at things differently - my friend Jason is so hot for Sarah Jessica Parker, its not funny. I really don't know who I would consider the best looking as they are all so different, with very different styles. One thing I have noticed though is that Sarah is looking a bit aged, which is only natural I suppose.

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