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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

By Golly, I think I've GOT IT!

Today, I managed to get my butt out of bed to take my love and his dad into work, thus freeing me up to use the car for the whole day. Now, I've waited this long to drive him in as driving alone on the other side of the street had me a bit nervous, not to mention the road rules are VERY different in England. Andy and I had driven the route once before so I was pretty confident I knew where I was going. I have to admit, I rocked. No problems at all. I'm actually leaving to pick the boys up in about 20 minutes - I hope all goes as well as this morning, lol. I have to admit, I'm not a nervous driver in Canada and I absolutely refuse to be one in England! Now I just have to concentrate on how to get around from town to town so I can take some of you around when you visit me.

Tuesday Is Chooseday

Smells Like Teen Spirit...

Name it!

1. Scent on you... Body Shop Vanilla (in winter for sure) or Flower by KENZO

2. Scent you your significant other... Jazz (which I love) or Aramis (which I don't)

3. Scent that can work up your appetite... Just about any food cooking, lol... especially the scent of Itialian food.

4. Scent that turns you off... LIVER, LIVER and LIVER (or any strong, pungent perfume)

5. Scent that reminds you of sweet/bad memories... GIN - got way too drunk when I was 17 - I was sick for a long time after, not to mention I got caught by my parents. I think of that EVERY time I smell gin.

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