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Thursday, January 29, 2004

By Golly there is SNOW on the ground...

Everything in the area has seemed to come to a halt, as the night before last, we had a snowfall amounting to about 2-3 inches of snow, that has amazingly stuck. I seem to be the only person happy about it, lol. The only thing I don't like is that as they are not prepared for snow, no one shovels walkways, driveways, etc. so it makes walking without snowboots a bit tricky. Another bonus is that Andy's is off tomorrow due to the extreme wind and ice (yeah, ok - try living in NS) which will give us a day together before the children come at 6. I was supposed to head up to Glasgow this weekend but I've decided to postpone by a few weeks till the roads get better. Over here they are not accustomed to this weather and don't have proper equipment - so for here its understandable. I talked to a couple of schoolgirls at the bus stop today (school was cancelled) and they said they wanted to move to Canada after I told them that although school wouldn't be cancelled for THIS back home, its cancelled about once every 10 days due to the amount of snow, lol. If this is the extent of winter, I will be happy - that's enough snow for me - I'm really not missing a six month long bitter, Nova Scotia winter.

Tony Hadley VERSUS Peter Cox
Most of you are probably wondering 'who the hell???' as I was when Andy told me we were going to this concert last night. These two fellas are from two old 80's bands... Spandau Ballet and Go West. They were both surprisingly good singers and I really enjoyed the show, as they didn't quite stick to 80's music... Although Tony was a fabulous singer, I preferred the shorter, trimmer, balding, sexy - Peter Fox... he was a definite rocker and had great stage presence. You might best know him from the Pretty Woman song, 'King of Wishful Thinking'. My favorite song of the night besides one called Try Me, was Me & Mrs. Jones... Pete did a great job of it. I naturally thought of my mother's pal and Rena's mom Ivy... who I always said reminded me of it, as she IS a Mrs. Jones...lol.

Blogger Trouble
I finally figured out what the heck was wrong with my blog from Tuesday... I had to take out the address for Dawn's site as something apparently wasn't gelling with it. Now you can read the rest of it, if you so feel like it!

Scotland on Hold

I was supposed to leave for Scotland tomorrow at noon with a co-worker of Andy's however due to the icky weather I've decided to hold off until the roads are in better repair around here. I was gonna leave Andy to it with his kids this weekend, but instead I will spend my afternoons at the gym while he entertains the children. It will be good once we are able to move into a house with a few rooms - the weekends the kids come down are crazy as we don't have much room here in the flat.

PS - Thanks to Jeff and Jaime for sending me an actual Keith's Beer lable so I had proof in hand that our beer IS 5%!!! Of course Andy's smart-ass remark was, well you drink Keith's Light. That wasn't my point and we all know it. So drink on my fellow Haligonians.

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