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Monday, January 19, 2004

Quotable Quote: Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. --Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)

The Joke Was On ME.... Or was it???
Enough of the miserable blogging on my behalf. I have some dedicated friends who say they look forward to reading my blog each day, and although I haven't been writing everyday, when I do, its often depressing, lol. I've decided to change my sad, sad ways. But first of all, I have to say that on Saturday when I went down to Wendy and Dave's (very anxiously I must admit), I was questioned by Dave as to the audacity of myself for ringing him at 1:00 in the morning. But then he took it too far and said I was rude and nasty and where did I get off calling him a 'Fat Old Bastard' - with a very serious face. I knew then that he had taken things to far and I immediately started to cry, choking out 'I would never say that'. And I was right. I was pretty sure that I hadn't called, but when your memory is fuzzy at best, people can play games with you. However I'm not that damn stupid... when I'm drunk I can be damn nasty, but there are certain people I do not cross that line with... and calling people FAT is not part of my vocabulary. Well, as a result, my breakdown ended up making the Allenby men feel horrible. Good on them... I was very angry with Andy after we left, as he had really let me suffer through a day of hell on Friday. Needless to say, it was partly my own fault for getting so damn drunk, however I can say now, I'm not sorry for taking the piss out of Andy that Thursday night, and as for the cabbie, well that is just one unfortunate circumstance of their jobs from time to time, right Cat???

The Beer Debate

If there is one thing I know, its my beer. My Canadian beer anyway. The Allenby men and I were having a debate on Saturday since I can't handle the oh-so-strong English pints. First of all, I'm in agreement that English Beer, especially served on tap, is much stronger than Maritime Beer. However I've been drinking Canadian brewed beer long enough to argue that our local beer (in the bottle) begins at 5.1% alcohol content. They are trying to say that its only four-point-something. They initially tried to say that it was only 3% or so, however changed their minds. I need some support in this from my friends back home - these men seem to think they are experts since they were in Canada for the better part of a year. Please, someone, verify how much alcohol content is in a bottle of Keiths or Olands or Blue - either of these is fine. I will say for the record that I know Canadian draft is of a lower alcohol percentage.

The Food Debate - Again
Ok... I love a lot of the food here... I really do. As I've mentioned before I love the English selection of yogurt's. They come in bigger, more reasonable sizes, i.e. 200 gram servings. However as much as I love my toffee flavoured yoghurt with chocolate covered rings, I'm beginning to miss the easily gotten low fat foods from home such as Skinny Sticks... Betty Crocker's low fat brownie mix.... Baked Doritos... watching what you eat is so much easier when your snacks are varied. I think its soon gonna be time to have a little care package sent over. But did I mention that the chocolate ROCKS over here.

Wedding Woes
In reading my sister's wedding blog today, I took considerable note of the fact that she thinks she is becoming a bad bride. This is because she's not a 'typical' bride. (Thank God, lol). I would never knock a woman for wanting the full-shebang. However I don't think us McDonald girls are the typical girly-girl brides that most women are. I mean, Tawny is planning to get married in Vegas. She has invited only their close friends and family - she has decided on the traditional wedding dress, and it will be more or less a traditional ceremony, but other than that, this wedding will be about them. I couldn't tell you what kind of wedding my sister Sandra would have, but I'm sure it wouldn't be anything too pomp and circumstance. And Stacy... hmmm well I think she's more like me and would just want to dash off down South. I could be wrong though. But I will guarantee you one thing, Tawny is a much better bride than I will ever be... I absolutely abhor the though of planning anything... never mind something that makes me the center of attention. The only things I have ever planned were my own b-day celebrations and that was just asking people to turn up at the local restaurant/bar, lol. I imagine my wedding would be similar to this (unless Andy wants to do the majority of the planning). I too, like my sister, will want the wedding dress, but I picture myself in bare feet... no fancy sandal's, or shoes... no tiara's, no veil, hopefully minimal jewelry, and even less makeup (even if I'm here, in Nova Scotia, or on a beach in the south). Andy and I have put up with enough BS in life... I want our wedding to be a simple but special affair. In regard to Tawn, I do know one thing, she will be beautiful on her wedding day, whatever decision she makes in regard to 'accessories'.

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