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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Quotable Quote: "How do people make it through life without a sister?" ~ Sara Corpening

My Birthday

(this picture was taken by my pal Dawn last summer in a store from the twilight zone... I liked the shades, lol)

My birthday began at 6:30 a.m. with Andy wishing me a 'happy birthday' softly in my ear before getting up to get ready for work. He came in around 6:50 to tell me he wanted me to come out and see the gift that Tawny had sent online before he left. I shuffeled out and sat down in time to see a soft pink screen flash up and hear a beautiful song called "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders start to play... then flashes the words "God must have known I wouldn't make it on my own and so he made you first... January 26, 1973" - five seconds later a slide show starts, begining with a picture of Tawn, Sandra and I in the tub as little girls... with a lovely, suitable quote - and so begins a multitude of pictures and lovely sayings. Will we take bets on if I cried or not???

After that, I opened my gifts from Andy... a gold ring, bracelet and three-tone gold earrings! They were lovely. All morning long I received calls from loved ones at home. I spent the afternoon with Wendy and Beryl watching a film and eating WAY too much. Andy had offered to cook me a roast beef dinner as mom always does, however it just wouldn't be the same, but the thought was lovely. We went with his parents to a lovely place called The Sparrow for dinner. Again, I ate to much, but SOD IT, as the English say, it was my birthday! When I checked online today, I also had numerous emails wishing me well - Dawn even devoted her site to me, which was lovely considering she wasn't well, lol. But I love it... go check it out at The Ramblings of Globose Thought (found on sidebar).

The only unfortunate thing was that as I was out most of the day/evening, I missed a lot of calls. But to all of of you who tried, whether we talked or not, thank you for thinking of me. Today, I received a beautiful boquet of flowers from abroad, as they say, from my great pals Darla and Glen! Another result of not being home yesterday, however it was a wonderful suprise to get them today!!! As well the cards keep coming in the mail. I realize that although I am far from home, I'm close in thoughts. Life is good - all in all, my first b-day in England has been rather nice, especially since I have a good & loving man with me.

The Gym... A Distant Memory
I have to get my butt back in gear and get to the gym, its been a week today, which is absolutely shoddy on my behalf. Its hard to get motivated once you slip, but I am determined (again) to get there tomorrow.

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