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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Quotable quote: If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them. Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say. We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.
--Tim McGraw

Oh The Joys Of Trying to Eat Sensibly
I refuse to say that I am on a DIET. I'm not really. Last year in February/March I got quite serious and went on WW - the points plan. Amazingly I stuck to it, with only a few flub ups (i.e. eating the bad stuff on weekends) and I managed to lose 17 pounds by the time I took my trip to England in April. Since then, I've lost about 6 more pounds. I usually gain 4/5 back over more difficult times such as trips and holidays. So what I like to say I've done is changed my lifestyle in regard to eating... Stacy laughs at this, however it works for me. I've been working out quite often at the gym, thus I didn't feel too overly guilty last night when Andy and I devoured a piece of heaven... a toffee/caramel cheesecake covered in chocolate coated caramel balls AND drenched in real cream (not whipped).

Now in Nova Scotia I always appreciated a piece of yummy dessert, however I would never have dreamed of covering it in a wet creamy liquid... its good enough like it is - isn't it??? NADA... one thing the English do is cover practically all desserts (or should I say puddings, lol) in cream... like the dessert alone isn't fattening enough!. However they have a point... its damn good. Alas, I want to lose more weight, not maintain, so a treat like that every now and again is ok, but that's it for me for awhile. I'm happy to stick to my vanilla/toffee or caramel flavored yogurt's... lol. Yogurt's kick ass over here if I say so myself.

The Patient Is Home
Yesterday my friend's mom went in to hospital to have a lump removed from her breast, as well as her lymph nodes... when I called last night she was home and resting comfortably. Due to the amount of flu that is assaulting the hospital they decided to send her home rather than keep her in overnight. I was dismayed to hear they weren't sending the VON out to check on her - and she doesn't even have to go back in for two weeks for her check up. I don't have a lot of faith in our hospitals, and can be very mistrusting of them, as you will undertstand if you go to my sister's blogsite locobellatuna and read about what happened to my aunt last week, who is still in hospital. In regard to Marguerite though, I happen to know she is in very good hands...

The Kids
On Monday Andy went back to court for the supposed Final Contact Order in regard to his visitation with the children. This of course did not come to pass as the Ex-Mrs. was a complete and utter bitch yet again. The accusations this arse makes are unbelievable. Anyway, the judge basically informed her that if all the drama does not end soon, he will take the children out of her custody. That wiped the smirk off her face. However since she continues to make things difficult, the judge didn't put closure on this and he will review the situation once again in two months. I was feeling a bit down in the dumps that day, however hearing all this didn't make it any better, especially when I tried to explain to Andy that there is at least one valid point that was made that day... he needs to stop badgering the kids in regard to certain things, especially when it comes to their mother. When he talks to them on the phone they don't want to be hammered with questions about their mom and the stupid things she's doing... they want to have a nice chat with their dad. And when he picks them up he needs to just accept it if one of them is not coming and not question the remaining two. They are only the messenger. I have an understanding as to how frustrating this all must be, how hard, however I think its important we try our hardest not to involve the kids. It's bad enough SHE tells them everything, including lies.

Feeling Better
So needless to say, Monday was a day of downtrodden emotions. I felt horrible that I was so down on this day when Andy needed me to be there for him, however its like I tried to explain, sometimes I feel as if I just don't fit. I was feeling rather disconnected from everything here... he has so many problems with his divorce and the kids... I was feeling so far from home where my life had been relatively easy... I was just sooo down and nothing was seeming to help. Then my Cat rang around 5:30 while I was laying on the bed doing nothing. Just what I needed. How come friends seem to be able to know just the right time to call??? (Darla had done the same the night before). After I got of the phone with Cat, Andy and I went to out to dinner and I seemed ok. However around 11 p.m. the dam burst again and I lost it... Andy tried his best with me, God love him and lost out on a lot of sleep that night. At 6:30 a.m. the phone rang again and it was Cat. That set my Tuesday off on definitely the right track. Thanks to all my friends who are so supportive of me.... and thanks to my Andy who is able to somehow put up with this foolishness on top of everything else. I think he thinks I'm gonna turn around and tell him I'm off home, which is not the case... I'm in this for the long haul.

The Humberston Country Club - Part Two:
Yesterday I took a day for myself.... after doing some light housework, I jumped the bus and went to the gym. I started off in the tanning booth for a five minute boost (my skin is breaking out a lot over here, probably stress - and I hope a light tan will improve it), then 50 minutes of cardio before making my way to the pool for a leisurely swim... I then sat in the sauna and read my book for a bit before going to have a lovely shower.... that is a treat within itself as we don't have one in the flat. Now I'm normally a bath girl, and rarely choose to take showers, however when the option is not there, its funny how quickly you remember and want the other. I've decided I rather like the Humberston Country Club.

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