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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year!!!

And here ends yet another year. I hope this new year brings happiness and love to all of those whom I hold so dear. Tonight Andy and I are making our way over to the Farmhouse for dinner and drinks and then likely moving on to the Harvest Moon... both of which are in walking distance... rah rah.... although our plans are not overly huge, we are looking forward to ringing in the new year together. Its funny to think that I will be well into 2004 before the rest of you, lol.... Cheers!!!!

She IS Canadian!
Yesterday I had an appointment at the gym with my trainer Phil. Phil and I went into the coffee bar to have coffee and chat about what my goals are and while Phil was getting his coffee a gal approached me and motioned to my Roots Canada sweatshirt saying 'but your not from Canada, right???' in an accent that was NOT british... I laughed and said I certainly was. She almost died. She has been living here for six years and I am the first fellow Canadian she has encountered! 'She' is Carol Ann and lives here with her british husband and four year old daughter. Straight away we hit it off and we have already made plans to meet on Saturday morning. Carol Ann just happens to be an employment coordinator at Grimsby College and mentioned that once I am able to work, she is the one to know, lol. I think she is absolutely thrilled to have someone from 'home' living in her neighborhood, even if home happens to be Ontario for her, and NS for me! Either way it was a much needed lift for me. How come things have a way of looking up just when they seem the lowest??? And although I know it is early days and she and I may not even end up 'clicking' I have a feeling that this will turn out to be a mutually beneficial relationship for both of us.... I do consider myself a good judge of character for the most part. Actually, initially I found myself thinking that my pal Dawn would likely take to this gal... she is 'out there'... and I like that.

Daily Dirt

Bye bye 2003...

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

1. What will you miss about 2003? I can't say I will miss much about it, as it was a very difficult year... I will however miss being a year a year younger, lol.

2. Why should you be looking forward to 2004? Andy and I have so much building to do in our new life that I'm anxious I'm to begin (this would require the dragon divorcing him!) - I'm also anxious to see my sister happily married and my cousin's twins safely here.

3. What will you be doing first thing when the clock strikes 12? KIssing Andrew... then calling home...lol

4. Have you accomplished all your 2003 resolutions? Yup... lost 20 pounds and I made it to England.

5. How will you celebrate the end of 2003? With a few drinks and hopefully a shag.

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