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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Basic Training and Brunch

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed at 8:15 to go to Basic Training at the all new Nubody's in Sackville. I was meeting Annette there, which is good thing or I have to honestly say, I'd never have made it. Once there though, I was pleased to see familiar faces, especially the instructor, Carolyn a gal I know from High School who just happens to be a kick-ass instructor. We hugged and chatted briefly before class began. I went in and set up my step beside Annette just as the music was starting. We weren't even 10 minutes into it before I stumbled and fell. Because I'm so smooth I managed to land on my ass on the step thus avoiding injury (at least to my body). At the moment I hear 'Welcome Back Jody' from Carolyn who with a grin,informs the class that I'm back from England for a visit and why I went there in the first place. Welcome back alright.........

After class Annette and I showered up and headed to Cora's for a lovely brunch. I thoroughly enjoyed some good old crispy Canadian bacon and an omelet. While we were eating who should walk in but Carolyn and her two lovely children and grumpy looking husband. Man, how such an attractive outgoing woman could end up with a cranky, old lump like that is beyond me. I wonder what she even saw in him way back in high school cause he wasn't anything special then either. Funny how life works out.

Most times, I believe it pays to wait for that special someone in your life to come along. At least when your in your 30's your can be pretty much certain of where your life is headed. But it is funny how some of us from high school got better over the years and some, well to put it plainly - didn't.

Something for Saturday

1. When did you first start to taste alcohol, as a child? teenager? etc... Hmmm... I used to have sips of beer out of my dads/uncles mugs before I was a teenager.

2. During your high school years, did you attend many parties? Describe what they were like. When one of your best friends is the queen of parties, your bound to attend a few. Most of Cat's parties involved everyone getting way to drunk and ended with the cops turning up.

3. Where do you like to go out for a drink? Describe the atmosphere, music, etc... Anywhere with a patio and good maritime band.

4. Has alcohol ever made you do something embarrassing? ME???? Nooooooo... not at all!

5. What is you favourite alcoholic beverage? Keith's Lite Beer & Bacardi Breezers. I love cider too, but it doesn't love me.

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