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Saturday, July 31, 2004

My Friends Little Pals

Yesterday two of my closest friends each lost a beloved pet. Channel was a 15 1/2 year old dog who belonged to the Browns. She was a lovely dog and they were so fortunate to have her for so long. I remember when she was still a puppy.

The McLaughlan's have just lost their 20 year old Cat Peanut. Peanut was so much a part of the family that Dawn blogged about him frequently.

Both of these friends (and their families)will miss their pets, but I have to say, they were very, very fortunate to have them for so long. Cats don't often live past 15 and dogs rarely live past 12. I've been expecting to hear the news of their passing since I moved away. What's hard to believe is that they both died on the same day, and while I am home.

News from the big

Andy has been in New York with his Dad and a few work mates since Thursday night. We have been in constant contact and I was actually speaking to him while he was at the top of the Empire State Building. He has been sight-seeing almost non-stop and is complaining of sore feet, however I know that he is enjoying this much deserved, albeit short break. This morning he called me from Victoria's Secret as I had asked him to pick up a couple of items in the VS Body Lotion Line, but something tells me I'll be getting a few more items!!!

We are however, both feeling the strangeness of him being so close to Nova Scotia yet still so far away. I know that once our wedding is over and done with he and I are going to have a much needed break away together.

Another Wedding

The last thing I really wanted to do on a hot July Saturday is spend the evening at a long drawn out wedding reception. However as my Mom would like to go, and as I want to spend time with my mother, I will accompany her to the reception of a gal who used to work at Nubody's. I have a pretty good idea that the speeches will be long and boring, especially since I don't really know this girl or any of her family, however Rena and her mom will be there too so hopefully that will break up some of the monotony. Also, I want to go downtown this evening for awhile and Rena and I have tentative plans to do so. Its not exactly what I was hoping for, I was more interested in supper and a few drinks on a patio, but we will see what happens.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening though, as Dawn, Sheila and I will be keeping Gary company during the fireworks display. I'm not normally into the fireworks, but considering Gary will be working them from inside the hill, why not???? It should be fun.

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