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Friday, July 02, 2004

It's Piss Pouring Rain Again

I've just been puttering around all morning while waiting for my new mobile to arrive. Andy was insistent I get a new one before heading home. I must say its pretty jazzy and I like it. I'm not sure about the flip phone, however its small and very compact with photo and web options so I really can't complain! (Not that I'm sure that I'll ever figure out how to use all the gadgets, I've been out of the loop so long). I've had Andy's old mobile here, however have rarely used it. Maybe now I have this one I'll get better at it.

So, in waiting for the delivery guy, I've been trying to figure out what I want to pack. I'm determined not to over-pack, something I'm inclined to do - especially since I intend to buy clothes while in in Toronto/Halifax. Another reason I want to pack light is that I'm flying a charter flight and I have a weight restriction on my luggage.

Well I suppose I better get myself motivated and ready to roll. Andy gets home in about 20 minutes and we are off uptown to shop for a few items I need before leaving. We are apparently supposed to pick the kids up (again) tonight but as per usual we'll see what happens. If we do get the boys I will have to entertain them tomorrow as Andy has to work. In some ways I'll look forward to our day together prior to my leaving. As excited as I am to get home I have to admit that I really will miss Andy and his boys.

Oh, btw, the sun is now shining. Sometimes I think I'm still in Nova Scotia what with the continuous weather fluctuations in this country!

It's raining, it's boring,
I feel like exploring.
But I'm stuck here,
My face a sneer,
Just staring at the flooring!

It's thundering, it's lightning,
My misery is heightening.
There's nothing to do,
But sit here and stew,
As there's no sign it is brightening!

It's hailing, it's snowing,
My boredom is growing.
I might go bed,
And rest my head,
There's just no hope of it slowing!

It's misty, it's foggy,
And outside's really soggy.
If I don't move,
And eat some food,
I'll end up faint and groggy!

It's sunny, it's clearing,
This sudden change is cheering!
But I'm having fun,
The TV's on,
And I'm not disappearing!

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