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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hello City

On Saturday I headed into the city to hook up with my great buddies Darla and Glen. We spent our first hour together having a few drinks on the patio of The Mustache. After drinking my first Keith's in a pub (I had happily downed one with Wayne the previous night), I happily joined D&G in the special of the afternoon - Caesars. We then moved on to a BBQ at a friend of theirs, out in Hammonds Plains. Along the way we picked up Darla's cousin, who decided she would be coming downtown with us when we went back to town. I really like Darla's cousin, however I was a little annoyed by her insistence that us girls just go and leave Glen home. She's having 'problems' in her marriage and seems to be very angry as a result. I was happy to get to Stayner's (after stopping for more drinks at D&G's...) as my dear friend and previous boss, Kristin and her husband, Bill were meeting us there. I'd had quite a few beers under my belt by this time and cried when I saw her but we happily enjoyed the rest of the evening chattering away. Since seeing her I've been worrying that she must be thinking I'm unhappy in my life in England and told her so today while we were at lunch. Although life isn't the same there as it is here, Andy and I have worked hard to make our life what it is and I do like it there, just not as much as home. But I do believe that in time I will adapt more easily, especially once I get working. But I am digressing - After we left Kris & Bill we moved on up to the Thirsty Duck as Darla was meeting some friends who were there for the Cape Breton Caliegh. Although the music was ok, it just reaffirmed my opinion of The Duck - unless your there for a night on the patio, it just plain sucks.

On the way home, Darla and Glen were insistent on stopping at Tony's Donair at the corner of The Commons for some food. I didn't want anything but of course they didn't think it would be appropriate for me to end a night out in Halifax on a stomach only full of the drink so Glen ordered me a slice. I, of course not wanting to disappoint, ate it. I remember clearly while talking to Andy on the phone at 3 a.m., Glen walking by and picking up my left over crust off the floor and making the comment 'can't waste that...' before stuffing it in his mouth. God luv him.

Sunday was a relatively slow morning as we all woke with fuzzy heads. After Darla's cousin left, the three of us went out in search of brunch. Darla wanted me to try Cora's, the newest craze in town, however as it was backed up onto the sidewalk, we tried our hand at Smitty's. Same problem there. So we grudgingly started to drive out to Bedford to try our luck with the restaurants there. We were heading down Bayers Road when Glen pointed at Look Ho Ho and said he'd like to eat there sometime. Now I haven't had Canadian Chinese cuisine, especially eggrolls, in seven months so I laughed and said I was up for it. The car was turned around in less than five seconds and we happily pigged out on eggrolls, soup and a variety of Chinese 'mains' before heading back to the apartment to watch 'The Station Agent'. A great film to watch on a lazy Sunday 'coming down'. It was a touchingly funny movie.

All in all my first weekend out in Halifax was a good one. I'm now looking forward to heading to the Old Triangle for a proper Caesar with the spicy beans on my next night out.

So far I've taken lots of pictures but I still have a lot more to come... There is a sampling of some of my pics here.

There are still some people I'm dying to see and I have to make plans with. Although I am here for at least three more weeks, I need to get moving. There are just so many people here I love and care about.

Today I met up with Kris and Darla at the Guest House for lunch. It was so nice to see everyone. Shauna hasn't changed a bit and I can't wait to head out with her. I'd seen Marina last night and of course she was still the same, just living somewhere different. I had a hard time getting away as so many of my old co-workers were happy to see me and have a chat. God I miss that place so.

I ran into my friend Joanne who is married to my even closer friend Jason. She is really looking forward to my wedding and said something today that stopped me in my tracks. She said she and a friend would be attending the wedding and they'd be leaving the boys at home. Now don't get me wrong, I want Joanne there too, but Jason and I have been very good friends for over 12 years and I couldn't understand why he wouldn't be going. Joanne stated that it was because he says Bridgewater is too far to go. My reaction to that was to say 'England is a hell of a lot further'. Andy and I knew when we organized this party that there would be people who would complain about having to go an hour out of their way. But we've decided that anyone who really wants to be there, will be and the fact that it is in Bridgewater won't deter those that really care. I told Joanne that if Jason didn't come I would never forgive him, however I've since rethought that... I'm not falling out with anyone over this wedding. If Jason doesn't want to come, that's his choice. I will still love him regardless,even though I will feel hurt. Life must go on. I am marrying the one true love of my life - it will be a happy day for us, no matter who comes or doesn't come.

Strawberry Shortcake

After getting back from town this afternoon, I went with Mom and Aunt Marg to pick strawberries. I haven't done this in probably 10 years, but I enjoyed being out in the fields actually picking more strawberries than what I ate. It's amazing how much more berries can be picked when picked properly, lol. Of course we were all sampling the occasionally berry. We ended up picking 26 pints in less than an hour. Maybe we should become professional pickers - NOT. Anyway, we came home and enjoyed a lovely barbecue dinner followed by what else.... Strawberry shortcake.

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