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Sunday, July 18, 2004

My Eyes Hurt

Today Stacy and I managed to get up at a half decent hour and go to the gym for a workout. I was really impressed with Stacy as she ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill, after not having run for some time now. We came back and lounged around the house helping dad with a few odds and ends. Later in the afternoon we headed up to Horseshoe Lake for a dip which was so cool and refreshing on such a hot day. While we were walking out the logging road from the lake, two older men in a red pickup truck stopped. The old guy driving leaned over and cheerily informed us he was 'taxing' folks out from the lake (he had two teenage boys in the back) and did we need a lift or were we getting our exercise. We laughed and said we were fine to walk. He passed us on his way back in to ferry more people out. What a nice thing to be doing. Sometimes you just can't beat Nova Scotia folk. Its certainly not something you see much of in this day in age and it was nice to be reminded that this world is not completely full of self-absorbed idiots, or those that are too frightened to be friendly with others in light of possible repercussions.

However as a result of the long day, I find myself very weary.

An English Pub

Tonight Mom, Dad and I went down the road to the the English Pub by the tracks. I think its called the Putting Green. The people that own it are in fact South English. I've never heard an accent like the girl who served us, but as I'm all too aware, there are tons of accents flowing thru England. It was a good meal, however I declined the Bangers and Mash in favor of a cheeseburger and chips. It was yummy and I'm trying not to feel too guilty. After all, I am home and I did have two good workouts today.

As I'm finding myself rather worn down tonight, I'm not interested in going anywhere. Its now 10 and I'm gonna have a bath and head to bed soon. Earlier I was speaking to Andy and the boys (its our weekend with them) and was playing around with Alex on web cam. It made me realize how much I really miss them. I wish they could be here, and I'm doubly sad that the boys won't be able to come back with us in October. Its definite now, something we are all unhappy about thanks to their good for nothing, sad excuse for a mother. But I'm not going there. My original point was that I miss Andy and his boys a lot, and they seem to miss me (although I'm not sure if its me or my new mobile that Alex is missing more, lol!). I never would have thought the day would come when I had a family waiting for me to come home to England.

Happy Divorce!

Friday night I received a call from Cat and her new beau... they were down in California on the beach drinking Molsen Canadians and having a great time. I believe that Catherine has finally found contentment and joy with this man and for the first time, I truly believe that Catherine is genuinely happy. Their vacation timed in smoothly with the fact that Cat's divorce from Justan has just come thru after only 91 days.

Well, its time for me to have a long soak in a hot bath... hopefully tomorrow I will catch up with some of those I have not yet seen.

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