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Saturday, July 31, 2004

My Friends Little Pals

Yesterday two of my closest friends each lost a beloved pet. Channel was a 15 1/2 year old dog who belonged to the Browns. She was a lovely dog and they were so fortunate to have her for so long. I remember when she was still a puppy.

The McLaughlan's have just lost their 20 year old Cat Peanut. Peanut was so much a part of the family that Dawn blogged about him frequently.

Both of these friends (and their families)will miss their pets, but I have to say, they were very, very fortunate to have them for so long. Cats don't often live past 15 and dogs rarely live past 12. I've been expecting to hear the news of their passing since I moved away. What's hard to believe is that they both died on the same day, and while I am home.

News from the big

Andy has been in New York with his Dad and a few work mates since Thursday night. We have been in constant contact and I was actually speaking to him while he was at the top of the Empire State Building. He has been sight-seeing almost non-stop and is complaining of sore feet, however I know that he is enjoying this much deserved, albeit short break. This morning he called me from Victoria's Secret as I had asked him to pick up a couple of items in the VS Body Lotion Line, but something tells me I'll be getting a few more items!!!

We are however, both feeling the strangeness of him being so close to Nova Scotia yet still so far away. I know that once our wedding is over and done with he and I are going to have a much needed break away together.

Another Wedding

The last thing I really wanted to do on a hot July Saturday is spend the evening at a long drawn out wedding reception. However as my Mom would like to go, and as I want to spend time with my mother, I will accompany her to the reception of a gal who used to work at Nubody's. I have a pretty good idea that the speeches will be long and boring, especially since I don't really know this girl or any of her family, however Rena and her mom will be there too so hopefully that will break up some of the monotony. Also, I want to go downtown this evening for awhile and Rena and I have tentative plans to do so. Its not exactly what I was hoping for, I was more interested in supper and a few drinks on a patio, but we will see what happens.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening though, as Dawn, Sheila and I will be keeping Gary company during the fireworks display. I'm not normally into the fireworks, but considering Gary will be working them from inside the hill, why not???? It should be fun.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Sweeter Side of Life

Yesterday two very sweet things happened that reminded me of the good things in this world.

The First:
As Annette and I were walking into Walmart, a young man greeted us with the warmest, beautiful smile imaginable. "Good Afternoon Ladies" We smiled and responded in kind to this sweet man. "It's a beautiful day isn't it?" he beamed. I replied "It certainly is". Thus encouraged, "You ladies are looking especially lovely today". We smiled and I replied "Thank you - you're looking pretty good yourself!" With that and his smile somehow growing even larger, he continued on with his work pushing his carts back into place. Walmart should have more people like this on staff.

(I remember having a very similar conversation with this young fellow last year before leaving. I'm pleased to see that he still works there and hope with all my heart that more people than not are kind to him in return. I think its great that places like Walmart and Wendy's employ people with disabilities.)

The Second:
Last night I went to visit my cousins Wayne and Jen. Wayne wasn't yet home from work so I had the pleasure of assisting Jen with getting the twin boys ready for bed. I ended my evening sitting in a rocking chair with the sweetest little baby boy falling asleep cuddled in my arms. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Today's Agenda

Today I'm heading over to Ruth and Bruce's for a BBQ, something I'm really looking forward to. Since I've been home so many good people have been going out of their way to see and spend time with me that I'm sometimes a little overwhelmed. I'm not sure if it will be just the three of us or if the other people Ruth had mentioned inviting will be there or not, but either way, I'm looking forward to it.

Tonight I'm not sure what I will be doing. Dawn and her friend Deb (who is in town for tonight and tomorrow only) are heading downtown. I've not really been on a proper night out as of yet, however I'm not sure what I will be doing as A) my body is in bad shape from my workout yesterday, and b) I need to be fairly alert for my trip to Mercy River tomorrow. Although either of these reasons shouldn't stop me from enjoying myself out if I so choose. I will however see how I feel later on!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Basic Training and Brunch

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed at 8:15 to go to Basic Training at the all new Nubody's in Sackville. I was meeting Annette there, which is good thing or I have to honestly say, I'd never have made it. Once there though, I was pleased to see familiar faces, especially the instructor, Carolyn a gal I know from High School who just happens to be a kick-ass instructor. We hugged and chatted briefly before class began. I went in and set up my step beside Annette just as the music was starting. We weren't even 10 minutes into it before I stumbled and fell. Because I'm so smooth I managed to land on my ass on the step thus avoiding injury (at least to my body). At the moment I hear 'Welcome Back Jody' from Carolyn who with a grin,informs the class that I'm back from England for a visit and why I went there in the first place. Welcome back alright.........

After class Annette and I showered up and headed to Cora's for a lovely brunch. I thoroughly enjoyed some good old crispy Canadian bacon and an omelet. While we were eating who should walk in but Carolyn and her two lovely children and grumpy looking husband. Man, how such an attractive outgoing woman could end up with a cranky, old lump like that is beyond me. I wonder what she even saw in him way back in high school cause he wasn't anything special then either. Funny how life works out.

Most times, I believe it pays to wait for that special someone in your life to come along. At least when your in your 30's your can be pretty much certain of where your life is headed. But it is funny how some of us from high school got better over the years and some, well to put it plainly - didn't.

Something for Saturday

1. When did you first start to taste alcohol, as a child? teenager? etc... Hmmm... I used to have sips of beer out of my dads/uncles mugs before I was a teenager.

2. During your high school years, did you attend many parties? Describe what they were like. When one of your best friends is the queen of parties, your bound to attend a few. Most of Cat's parties involved everyone getting way to drunk and ended with the cops turning up.

3. Where do you like to go out for a drink? Describe the atmosphere, music, etc... Anywhere with a patio and good maritime band.

4. Has alcohol ever made you do something embarrassing? ME???? Nooooooo... not at all!

5. What is you favourite alcoholic beverage? Keith's Lite Beer & Bacardi Breezers. I love cider too, but it doesn't love me.

Friday, July 23, 2004

It's Quaint

Yesterday was my sweetheart's birthday, but as we spent the day down in Bridgewater at the Fairview Inn, I wasn't able to blog about the fact that he turned 38 yesterday. So Happy Birthday Andy!

So - yesterday morning Mom, Aunt Marg, Stacy, Roisin and I bundled into the van and headed off to see the Inn where Andy and I are getting married in October. When we first pulled into the parking lot I was having reservations. It didn't look to be what I expected. I think everyone was feeling the same.

After we walked around the front and into the lobby, we began to feel differently, especially after we met Melissa the Events Coordinator and took a tour of the place. It was built in the mid 1800's and has 24 rooms. These rooms are placed in a complete maze and are so cozy and unique it was hard not to fall in love with it. The thought that it will be full of my friends and family on the 9th of October makes it even sweeter.

After the tour we confirmed a few issues for the event such as the photographer and color scheme. The long and short of it is this - I'm going with the photographer she normally uses as his pictures are decent and the price is very right. The color scheme for our dining tables will be red and white, something I never ever would have thought to do, however as its October I think it'll be ok. And to put it frankly, red and white are the colors of both mine and Andy's country, so why not? The long and short of it is this - I'm not really that bothered over colors.

Oh, and I won't be discussing the wedding cake and what it looks like because there won't be one.

I'm just hoping the weather hold because I want the party and dancing to be held outside in the beautiful pool area. Everything about the place is so comfortable and cozy, including the bar room which opens onto the patio.

In my opinion its just the right place for Andy and I to begin our married life together.

You can find more pictures from the Inn here if you are interested.

Busy Days

The past few days have been hectic as I've been running around catching up with some people and doing the things I've been waiting to do. Wednesday I took a few of Tanya's kids and we went off to Queensland Beach for the afternoon. It was overcast but the waves were huge and despite there being loads of seaweed, I couldn't help but plunge myself into them! Annette and I had gone to Rainbow Haven on Sunday and as it was so foggy and chilly we never even tried.

I've seen a few movies over the past couple of days - The Clearing and Spiderman. Stacy and I were laughing during Spiderman as there was a child behind us doing exactly what kids do at the Theatre, something Tawny was quite vocal about on her blog this week, however he wasn't too bad and his dad did keep him pretty quiet.

I've been a bit worried about my weight since landing back in Canada, as I've been naturally eating out in pubs/restaurants a fair bit, not to mention movie theatre popcorn, something I missed dreadfully. I've been working out at the gym about every second day to try and stabilize my weight, however I must get back today as I haven't worked out since Monday. I suppose if I try and watch what I eat on alternate days and work out consistently I should hold my own. I can't really afford to gain anymore weight and once I get back to New Waltham I will have to make a concerted effort to get off whatever I put on here, plus more.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

My Eyes Hurt

Today Stacy and I managed to get up at a half decent hour and go to the gym for a workout. I was really impressed with Stacy as she ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill, after not having run for some time now. We came back and lounged around the house helping dad with a few odds and ends. Later in the afternoon we headed up to Horseshoe Lake for a dip which was so cool and refreshing on such a hot day. While we were walking out the logging road from the lake, two older men in a red pickup truck stopped. The old guy driving leaned over and cheerily informed us he was 'taxing' folks out from the lake (he had two teenage boys in the back) and did we need a lift or were we getting our exercise. We laughed and said we were fine to walk. He passed us on his way back in to ferry more people out. What a nice thing to be doing. Sometimes you just can't beat Nova Scotia folk. Its certainly not something you see much of in this day in age and it was nice to be reminded that this world is not completely full of self-absorbed idiots, or those that are too frightened to be friendly with others in light of possible repercussions.

However as a result of the long day, I find myself very weary.

An English Pub

Tonight Mom, Dad and I went down the road to the the English Pub by the tracks. I think its called the Putting Green. The people that own it are in fact South English. I've never heard an accent like the girl who served us, but as I'm all too aware, there are tons of accents flowing thru England. It was a good meal, however I declined the Bangers and Mash in favor of a cheeseburger and chips. It was yummy and I'm trying not to feel too guilty. After all, I am home and I did have two good workouts today.

As I'm finding myself rather worn down tonight, I'm not interested in going anywhere. Its now 10 and I'm gonna have a bath and head to bed soon. Earlier I was speaking to Andy and the boys (its our weekend with them) and was playing around with Alex on web cam. It made me realize how much I really miss them. I wish they could be here, and I'm doubly sad that the boys won't be able to come back with us in October. Its definite now, something we are all unhappy about thanks to their good for nothing, sad excuse for a mother. But I'm not going there. My original point was that I miss Andy and his boys a lot, and they seem to miss me (although I'm not sure if its me or my new mobile that Alex is missing more, lol!). I never would have thought the day would come when I had a family waiting for me to come home to England.

Happy Divorce!

Friday night I received a call from Cat and her new beau... they were down in California on the beach drinking Molsen Canadians and having a great time. I believe that Catherine has finally found contentment and joy with this man and for the first time, I truly believe that Catherine is genuinely happy. Their vacation timed in smoothly with the fact that Cat's divorce from Justan has just come thru after only 91 days.

Well, its time for me to have a long soak in a hot bath... hopefully tomorrow I will catch up with some of those I have not yet seen.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Bit of Daily Dirt...
Incredible Hulk...
1. How strong are you? I consider myself fairly strong - stronger than a lot of girls my size anyway.
2. Have you got muscles/pecs/etc? Some - more in my legs than my arms.  I know I have pecs cause I can flex 'em - eh Dawn?  However you can't see the actual muscle cause its covered in -well.... boob.
3. Have you carried an adult? I sure have - especially if you count piggy backing
4. Can you do a hand stand? Only against a wall...
5. Is ok for a female to be stronger than her male counterpart?  Sure its ok, especially if the female works out alot,  however in the past if I was stronger than my BF its cause I was bigger than them, which sucks.
Weekly Wrap Up
So far my time home has been great.  I ended the week by hanging out and relaxing with Dawn on Thursday and spending time with Roisin, Gavin, Hannah and Stacy today.  Ra, the kids and I went to Claytime this morning to paint, had lunch at McDonald's (I had fajitas), visited Ra's sister Paula and her new baby Nicholas before stopping to pick Stacy up to head up to Ra's for a dip in the pool.  
Stacy and I had a yummy barbecue supper with Mom and Dad and now Stacy & I just got back from seeing Anchor Man, a very silly, stupid movie that somehow managed to make us laugh alot. 

I'm trying to get a few pictures published to this site but for some reason this program is not being cooperative with me tonight.  I'm too tired to try and fight with it anymore.  

Tomorrow Stacy and I have agreed to get up and go to the gym.  I don't think I will be going too far as my Dad is back working with Global and takes off for South Carolina on Sunday.  At this point I will add that he is very happy tonight as he is watching his huge new 36" TV - the first new TV my parents have had in 25 years.... Good-bye and Good Riddance to the old floor model.


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hello City

On Saturday I headed into the city to hook up with my great buddies Darla and Glen. We spent our first hour together having a few drinks on the patio of The Mustache. After drinking my first Keith's in a pub (I had happily downed one with Wayne the previous night), I happily joined D&G in the special of the afternoon - Caesars. We then moved on to a BBQ at a friend of theirs, out in Hammonds Plains. Along the way we picked up Darla's cousin, who decided she would be coming downtown with us when we went back to town. I really like Darla's cousin, however I was a little annoyed by her insistence that us girls just go and leave Glen home. She's having 'problems' in her marriage and seems to be very angry as a result. I was happy to get to Stayner's (after stopping for more drinks at D&G's...) as my dear friend and previous boss, Kristin and her husband, Bill were meeting us there. I'd had quite a few beers under my belt by this time and cried when I saw her but we happily enjoyed the rest of the evening chattering away. Since seeing her I've been worrying that she must be thinking I'm unhappy in my life in England and told her so today while we were at lunch. Although life isn't the same there as it is here, Andy and I have worked hard to make our life what it is and I do like it there, just not as much as home. But I do believe that in time I will adapt more easily, especially once I get working. But I am digressing - After we left Kris & Bill we moved on up to the Thirsty Duck as Darla was meeting some friends who were there for the Cape Breton Caliegh. Although the music was ok, it just reaffirmed my opinion of The Duck - unless your there for a night on the patio, it just plain sucks.

On the way home, Darla and Glen were insistent on stopping at Tony's Donair at the corner of The Commons for some food. I didn't want anything but of course they didn't think it would be appropriate for me to end a night out in Halifax on a stomach only full of the drink so Glen ordered me a slice. I, of course not wanting to disappoint, ate it. I remember clearly while talking to Andy on the phone at 3 a.m., Glen walking by and picking up my left over crust off the floor and making the comment 'can't waste that...' before stuffing it in his mouth. God luv him.

Sunday was a relatively slow morning as we all woke with fuzzy heads. After Darla's cousin left, the three of us went out in search of brunch. Darla wanted me to try Cora's, the newest craze in town, however as it was backed up onto the sidewalk, we tried our hand at Smitty's. Same problem there. So we grudgingly started to drive out to Bedford to try our luck with the restaurants there. We were heading down Bayers Road when Glen pointed at Look Ho Ho and said he'd like to eat there sometime. Now I haven't had Canadian Chinese cuisine, especially eggrolls, in seven months so I laughed and said I was up for it. The car was turned around in less than five seconds and we happily pigged out on eggrolls, soup and a variety of Chinese 'mains' before heading back to the apartment to watch 'The Station Agent'. A great film to watch on a lazy Sunday 'coming down'. It was a touchingly funny movie.

All in all my first weekend out in Halifax was a good one. I'm now looking forward to heading to the Old Triangle for a proper Caesar with the spicy beans on my next night out.

So far I've taken lots of pictures but I still have a lot more to come... There is a sampling of some of my pics here.

There are still some people I'm dying to see and I have to make plans with. Although I am here for at least three more weeks, I need to get moving. There are just so many people here I love and care about.

Today I met up with Kris and Darla at the Guest House for lunch. It was so nice to see everyone. Shauna hasn't changed a bit and I can't wait to head out with her. I'd seen Marina last night and of course she was still the same, just living somewhere different. I had a hard time getting away as so many of my old co-workers were happy to see me and have a chat. God I miss that place so.

I ran into my friend Joanne who is married to my even closer friend Jason. She is really looking forward to my wedding and said something today that stopped me in my tracks. She said she and a friend would be attending the wedding and they'd be leaving the boys at home. Now don't get me wrong, I want Joanne there too, but Jason and I have been very good friends for over 12 years and I couldn't understand why he wouldn't be going. Joanne stated that it was because he says Bridgewater is too far to go. My reaction to that was to say 'England is a hell of a lot further'. Andy and I knew when we organized this party that there would be people who would complain about having to go an hour out of their way. But we've decided that anyone who really wants to be there, will be and the fact that it is in Bridgewater won't deter those that really care. I told Joanne that if Jason didn't come I would never forgive him, however I've since rethought that... I'm not falling out with anyone over this wedding. If Jason doesn't want to come, that's his choice. I will still love him regardless,even though I will feel hurt. Life must go on. I am marrying the one true love of my life - it will be a happy day for us, no matter who comes or doesn't come.

Strawberry Shortcake

After getting back from town this afternoon, I went with Mom and Aunt Marg to pick strawberries. I haven't done this in probably 10 years, but I enjoyed being out in the fields actually picking more strawberries than what I ate. It's amazing how much more berries can be picked when picked properly, lol. Of course we were all sampling the occasionally berry. We ended up picking 26 pints in less than an hour. Maybe we should become professional pickers - NOT. Anyway, we came home and enjoyed a lovely barbecue dinner followed by what else.... Strawberry shortcake.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

What Took You So Long?

Well I'm home! I made it into Halifax finally in the early morning hours on Thursday after our flight from Toronto was delayed for three hours. I say we, because Stacy flew up to Toronto last Thursday to be there as a surprise for me when I flew in from Manchester on Sunday. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Tawny was so excited about her surprise that she barely took the time to hug me before pushing me around the corner, only to see Stacy standing there. I couldn't help myself, I broke down into tears. What a great surprise!

After much catching up on Sunday night, we started off on Monday by shopping for my wedding dress. Needless to say, I wasn't overly excited to be doing that but I knew I had to. It made it more bearable to have two of my sisters with me. I went into the shop practically scowling, but came out grinning like an idiot as I had found my wedding dress in less than an hour. Actually, it was the first dress I tried on! It was one Tawny had selected and although I was doubtful, as soon as I had it on, I knew it was the one. Thank God that's done.

We got the invitations sorted out just as quickly and by Tuesday evening they were in the mail. I can't believe how efficiently it was all handled. There were only two glitches with the invitations - 1) I purchased too many 2) I forgot to add 'Best Wishes Only Please' on the invites. Hopefully the word will be spread via conversation. My sisters deserve a big thanks for all the help - I couldn't have (well wouldn't have) done it without them.

We took in the show Mama Mia on Wednesday afternoon and let me just say this - It was absolutely f**king brilliant. I strongly recommend it.

It wasn't easy to say goodbye to Tawny and Taylor on Wednesday night, but I was so looking forward to seeing my mom and dad. I also figure that its very likely I will see them in the next couple of weeks anyway, and if not, I might end up flying back to England via Toronto, so I'm sure we can manage another visit! We had tons of fun while there - it wasn't just all wedding prep.

Here's another shot stolen from Tawny's pictures. I haven't had a chance to download mine.

So, although we were VERY late getting in to Halifax on Wednesday night, nothing felt better than seeing my mom and getting home. It seems as if nothing (well almost nothing)has changed. I've already been up to see Ra and the kids and of course I went today to visit my new baby cousin's Lucas and Brendan - who I might add are absolutely perfect! I'm happily making plans to hook up with friends and hopefully by early next week will have contacted everyone. Roisin's Hannah must have told me at least three times how much she missed me and that she thought of me every day! Gavin didn't have much to say, but the look on his face said it all. And then today when I dropped into the daycare at the gym before my workout, a brother and sister who I always took care of ran to me for big hugs. Brogan who is four looked up at me with this serious expression and said 'What took you so long?'. My heart melted.

Friday, July 02, 2004

It's Piss Pouring Rain Again

I've just been puttering around all morning while waiting for my new mobile to arrive. Andy was insistent I get a new one before heading home. I must say its pretty jazzy and I like it. I'm not sure about the flip phone, however its small and very compact with photo and web options so I really can't complain! (Not that I'm sure that I'll ever figure out how to use all the gadgets, I've been out of the loop so long). I've had Andy's old mobile here, however have rarely used it. Maybe now I have this one I'll get better at it.

So, in waiting for the delivery guy, I've been trying to figure out what I want to pack. I'm determined not to over-pack, something I'm inclined to do - especially since I intend to buy clothes while in in Toronto/Halifax. Another reason I want to pack light is that I'm flying a charter flight and I have a weight restriction on my luggage.

Well I suppose I better get myself motivated and ready to roll. Andy gets home in about 20 minutes and we are off uptown to shop for a few items I need before leaving. We are apparently supposed to pick the kids up (again) tonight but as per usual we'll see what happens. If we do get the boys I will have to entertain them tomorrow as Andy has to work. In some ways I'll look forward to our day together prior to my leaving. As excited as I am to get home I have to admit that I really will miss Andy and his boys.

Oh, btw, the sun is now shining. Sometimes I think I'm still in Nova Scotia what with the continuous weather fluctuations in this country!

It's raining, it's boring,
I feel like exploring.
But I'm stuck here,
My face a sneer,
Just staring at the flooring!

It's thundering, it's lightning,
My misery is heightening.
There's nothing to do,
But sit here and stew,
As there's no sign it is brightening!

It's hailing, it's snowing,
My boredom is growing.
I might go bed,
And rest my head,
There's just no hope of it slowing!

It's misty, it's foggy,
And outside's really soggy.
If I don't move,
And eat some food,
I'll end up faint and groggy!

It's sunny, it's clearing,
This sudden change is cheering!
But I'm having fun,
The TV's on,
And I'm not disappearing!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Family Affairs

I had a busy day today as firstly Andy and I had an appointment Child Welfare Services to discuss our concerns about Jane and the children. I had a quick bite for lunch prior to taking Andy's mom to the hospital for her pysio. Upon my return home late this afternoon I ended up having a conversation with my mother that resulted in us talking about the situation with Tawny and Sandra. I told my mother that I had left a message on Sandra's machine reaffirming when I would be in town and could we possibly hook up Tuesday night, provided she wasn't going away for her birthday.

I told her that I would not be going out of my way other than arranging a solid plan for Tuesday night as I had an agenda I wanted to stick to. When I told Mom that as much as I would love to have both Tawny and Sandra shop for a wedding dress with me, I couldn't expect it of Sandra as she doesn't like to do that. (Sandra's words) Even if she did it would be difficult as Tawny and Sandra are not speaking to each other. It basically puts me in an uncomfortable situation and I refuse to be stressed out over it. I have a certain amount of time and if Sandra can't make the time to see me due to work commitments, or personal commitments then there is nothing I can do about it. I would love to see Sandra and Brad, to see their apartment but something tells me that if I do see Sandra it will have to be at her work. Fine... I will see how I feel when I get to Toronto.

I can understand how my mother doesn't want to take sides and just wants them to get over it. I can see how frustrating this is, not just for her, but for all involved - but I refuse to ask Tawny to extend the olive branch (again) for my sake. Tawny feels as if she has been wronged, but has tried to make amends. I know part of Sandra's story, but not all of it. All I know is that Tawny is going out of her way to make sure my stay in Toronto is a great one and I love her for it. I will be lucky if I see Sandra but if I don't, I'll be ok with that too. I love her too, for all her 'different' ways. Like I mentioned to my mom, when it comes to John and Sandra, I just don't expect much and therefore am not disappointed. Maybe a bad way of looking at it, but we all have to do what works for us. I'm going home to hopefully de-stress, not the reverse.

Speaking of Families

Its the big baby craze again. Tawny was speaking of it on her blog, and as people have been asking me about my having babies I just want to say that No I won't be having babies. Not as it stands now. Andy has three children and a vasectomy. At the moment I have a whole shit-load of issues to contend with and don't need the added stress of trying to bring a child into this world. I love babies. I was meant to be a mother. I'm angry that Andy's three beautiful kids have the mother they do - is there really any justice in that? Nope. However babies grow up to be kids and kids grow up to be teenagers, young adults, etc., with a WHOLE load of problems attached, and God knows how much worse these will be in 10/20 years time. I'm not sure I'm up to facing that. Yes, many say its worth it, and I'm sure it is, but we will see what happens. In the meantime Andy won't be having a reversal and by the time we decide we might be ready for kids it will likely be too late. So... people who quiz non-mothers about babies, remember, its not always an issue of just not wanting them.

Anyway, its a nice evening and Andy and I are off to do something half-way enjoyable! I hope those at home who have the day off are enjoying Canada Day!!!!!