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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Body Punishment

On Sunday morning I woke up aching because my head was in a slight mess from consuming copious amounts of pink champagne and wine the previous evening at Robert and Dawn's.

This morning I woke up with muscles that were shouting at me due to the body pump class I attended last night.  It was great to get back as I'd been procrastinating about it for months, and finally figured there was no time like the present; add to that I figured Dawn was ready for it after months of gymming it with me.  The music was rockin and I won't say I wasn't chuffed if slightly bashful, when the instructor shouted out her pleasure to have me back in class.  I left with promises to return to another class soon.  My legs, which embarrased me by shaking continually during the lunges are trying to tell me a different story but I won't listen to them because its not an annoying pain like Sunday's headache, its a good pain - anyone who works out will know what I'm talking about.  It's a pain that gives you a sense of punishment accomplishment.  And I like it. I feel like I've worked hard and it keeps me motivated to continue to do so.

We had an awesome weekend full of sunshine and fun.  Here are a few pictures I managed to capture:

Connor taking a break in the shade with Molly

I'm smiling because it was such a beautiful day...

At the seafront for a cool down

Robert and Dawn, the happy chef's in their gorgeous new kitchen

Throw the ball already!

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