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Friday, May 21, 2010

Costco Envy

The first time I met up with Dawn when I was at home was for lunch at Cora’s. I won’t go into how absolutely scrumptious the food was as I always get exactly the same thing on my annual trip to Cora’s; I’m never able to switch it up, no matter how determined I am to do so. I won’t go into how wonderful it was to catch up with Dawn; to just sit in a café eating great food and whiling away a few hours with one of my very favourite people. What I will say is that on that particular morning Dawn was going for a workout after our brunch and she had a pretty blue warm-up jacket on that I really loved. I mean really loved.

That night I was picking Stacy up from the airport and damn if she didn’t walk through arrivals wearing the same warm up jacket in navy blue. Was it any surprise when she opened her suitcase later that night to reveal not one more warm up jacket, but two – in white and red. No.  Us McDonald girls, all of us, have a habit of buying an item in almost every colour if it works for us. Stace and I alternated those jackets throughout my stay and it made up part of our regular outfit for movie going, paired with black yoga pants. Comfort all the way baby; but we rocked it with great hair and perfect handbags.  What a combination eh?

Stacy was kind enough to send me back to the UK with the much coveted white one and let me tell you how I love that jacket (but not as much as I love her). I was thrilled when I found out they could be purchased at Costco; Dawn, Stacy and I went into the Costco one evening shortly before I was due to leave so we could get a few more but naturally they were sold out. Damn. Hopefully they will have more in stock at some point and perhaps my sister can fetch me another when she travels back.

I’ve also been reading a few healthy-living blogs and the number one shop of choice for good foods at great bargains is....Costco. What a variety of foodstuff that can be found on the shelves in that place. The only bummer is we don’t have one here and that really blows.

One of the first items on the agenda when Andy and I relocate back to Canada: get a membership at Costco.

Oh, and I can assure you all that I will not ever wear that white warm-up jacket while cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms – bleach and I don’t get on so well.

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