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Monday, May 10, 2010


I don’t know what it is about Mondays. I never seem to want to get up on a Monday morning however if I wasn’t working and able to sleep in, I’d still end up waking up early. I often wonder that if the work week began on a Tuesday if I’d feel the same way about Tuesdays; to this I would have to say ‘presumably so’.

I think the only way I couldn’t possibly hate Monday’s was if I didn’t work. You might deduce from this that I have a job I despise which isn’t the case at all. I do like my job – it’s not too demanding yet challenges me to be the best I can be (no, I’m not in the military, lol). I don’t leave work stressed and tired out and I don’t have to work beyond the regular 37.5 hour work week unless I choose to. But I do abhor the 9-5 grind, (or 8-4 whichever you choose). My mother always told me I should have chosen a career that would be shift orientated i.e. nursing; however if I had, I’d probably still complain about shift work, as so many people that have to work shifts do. When I was in my early 20’s I worked a 3-11 shift and actually enjoyed this as it allowed me to go out clubbing after work and sleep in/go to the gym the next day. However as suitable as those hours were then, they wouldn’t be now. For a start, I don’t go clubbing anymore.  But on second thought... well the answer is still no, it wouldn’t be a better alternative as I’d never see my husband (on the weeks he works in town that is) atlhough I might be more motivated to go to the gym.

I wonder if people are just pre-destined to complain i.e. the grass always being greener syndrome. We dream all these dreams, thinking we will be happier if only, but sometimes our reality is so far stretched from our dream, we wonder where the dream originated from. Why I’ve even crossed over to this topic is beyond me. I don’t even feel that way about anything in particular right now – I’m fine with the way life is at the moment – sure there are certain dreams I had that didn’t come to fruition, however who said we could have everything we want in life? I just wanted to have a rant about how much I positively hate Mondays and would rather be at home having a nap with Molly

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