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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've just been to the gym and let me tell you it felt great - the sweat I had on was just awesome.  Well it was.  I'm not gonna lie; I'm someone who sweats a lot when I'm  working out.  If I don't sweat much then I really don't feel like I've worked hard enough.  The past week has seen me laid pretty low with some kind of virus that is making the rounds.  I've had a voice that makes me sound like some kind of late night caller, a tight chest and zero energy.  I tried to go to the gym early last week and as my work-out was similiar to the 80 year old woman next to me, I figured I'd better call it quits till I was feeling fine again. 

Friday morning I tried to go back into the office after being off for two days.  I felt slightly better and although I had a bit of a cough it wasn't as bad as it seemed. However my boss was having none of it.  She informed me that I better go home and have the rest of the weekend to recover; that was an order.  And to think Andy was worried that she'd be annoyed I'd already missed two days.  The team I work with isn't like that - they have a family first ethos and they like their staff to be healthy.  Honestly, I felt kind of bad being home on Friday but the extra rest seemed to do me a world of good; I didn't end up with a chest infection as can so easily happen when I get sick.  Yesterday we exercised Molly for ages on the field, and today we took her for a long, refreshing walk up through the apple orchard.  I've only needed my inhaler a few times so I figured tonight was as good as any to get back to the gym.  And it was just a plain good workout -  one of those nights when I actually enjoy the work out;  listening to great music my sister downloaded onto Georgia (the ipod she passed on to me now that she is the owner of a gorgeous new i-Phone).  I was thinking about old times as I sweated it out to Fantasy (I know, I hate Mariah but I love that old dancy version that makes me think of good times in downtown Halifax), Madonna (I love She's Not Me) and various other tracks. 

All in all, I'm feeling good and ready to face the week ahead. I will hold a cease-fire with my hatred of Mondays just because I am feeling that fine. 

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