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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wine is not my friend...

I have to stop denying it; wine is really not my friend.  Oh, it acts like a friend, promising my mouth a glass full of delicious delight , and my head a moment of calm and peace, but when it its gone I'm  just left bloated and up on the scales.  What kind of friend plays a nasty trick like that? 

For two weeks I went without a glass of wine.  I usually only indulge on the weekend because I don't want to get into the habit of drinking a glass (or two) of wine every evening.  The primary factors behind this would be a) It gets to costly; b) it could lead to a serious problem and c) its too damn calorie-ridden and obviously  makes me retain fluid.  Two weeks ago I embarked on a healthier eating kick and decided to stop drinking wine.  I lost three pounds and was pleased with the result.

And then last weekend came and I indulged in a bit of wine. Ok, I'm lying; I indulged in a lot of wine.  And now I'm paying the price because I'm retaining fluid (I can't blame it all on the wine, its my hateful time of the month, which was another reason why I gave into the wine, but hey, I stayed away from chocolate at least).  I got on the scale this morning, groaned and got off. I'm not boring anyone with the details and I'm not going to log it because Friday is my weigh day; and I'm not getting on the scales again until Friday.  Also, I'm really going to try hard not to bore you all with weight talk every week.  I just need a little outlet at the moment to keep on track, because I can do this. 

I don't want to constantly stress about my weight either as I think life has proven over the last few months that sometimes your weight isn't the most important aspect of living, however I want to be healthy and fit and after working so hard eight years ago to drop 28 lbs (2 stone), I really can't let myself put it all back on. I think the way to proceed at this time will be no wine and an increase in weight training. I think some Body Pump might be in order.  This is the last weight post for awhile, I swear.

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