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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wendesday Whinge

On Monday morning I went to work feeling good and as a result had a very productive day. I got home and had a great chat with Stacy as it was her 25th Birthday (Where does time go? My littlest sister is halfway through her twenties. God I feel old). For supper I cooked a delicious beef stir fry that my husband didn’t enjoy however I can’t be cooking two different meals every day and since the boys don’t want to eat my healthier options all the time that’s what I usually do; however Monday I chose to cook just the one healthy meal. (Sometimes I will eat a smaller portion of what I’ve cooked for them, but that is not often.)

Andy and I had another good workout and despite finding out mom will actually need chemo after all, managed to remain optimistic and positive. All her lymph nodes and surrounding tissue tests came back clear, however the tumour was an aggressive type and they want to do four rounds of chemo over 12 weeks followed by radiation as a precautionary measure. It will be a long tough road for Mom but she will get through it, just like she’s gotten through every other hardship that life has thrown at her. We joked about her losing her hair, which she hates anyway as its rather thin, and talked about the posibility of it growing back thick and full like her sisters.  She filled me in on all the great (free) therapy treatments that are offered to cancer patients at the hosptial and mentioned how she thinks they have wigs as well.  We giggled at that, but I also told her that our own fashionesta Stacy, would also be able to help her out with scarves if she wanted that option.  Between all of her daughters and sisters, I'm sure she will have it covered.

Yesterday wasn’t the smoothest of days for me. It actually felt more like a typical Monday in that I wasn’t in the best of places. My day started off ok, but then I let myself get bothered by something that I probably shouldn’t have and blogged about it, but have since decided to delete the post as I don't want to be that person. Also Beryl suffered one of her heart ‘episodes’ (her words) and had to be taken into hospital. She had waited until morning to do anything about it, when normally she rings me in the middle of the night. Both I and the doctors have told her she has to ring straight away, not wait. She was admitted but released yesterday afternoon when her blood work came back ok. I took her home around 4:30 but first stopped at McDonald’s to get her a cheeseburger and fries as she hadn’t eaten all day and I wanted to tempt her with one of her favourites (and of course I indulged, naughty girl). Beryl’s ok, just tired and worn out and needs to rest up as she is supposed to be going away for the weekend to celebrate her son’s 60th birthday.

Last night I made the decision to skip the gym as I was just plain tired. Tired, emotional, out of sorts, whichever way you want to put it. So Andy and I just had a lovely walk with our girl Molly during which time I must have made his ears bleed with my diatribe about everything that was on my mind. Upon our return home I had a long soak in a hot bath and ate a bar of chocolate. (I don’t. think there is much point in jumping on the scales this week eh? Anyway, I haven’t budged for two weeks now and am getting annoyed).

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