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Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is Seda, my friend and colleague's 11 week old Slouvakian Roughhaired Pointer.  Alison brought her over for a bit of socialization with Molly last evening. (Puppy classes aren't working out so well - this girl is a bit full on). Seda had such a great time that apprently she fell asleep over her food bowl last night after playing with Molly for an hour.  Ali had been worried she'd be naughty but she was a real little treasure, just busy and curious like any little pup can be.

Here are a few more pictures from when Seda met Molly:

I love her floppy ears as she tries to catch Molly.

Playing ball is exhausting... I need a top up!

I was never that small and annoying rambunctious was I Mama?

I'd rather nip your ears than play with this ball...

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