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Friday, March 18, 2011

Back on Baby Duty

In doing this 30 Day Challenge, I’m being neglectful of other events that have been happening; like the birth of my beautiful niece Daisy, who was born on 7th February and is absolutely beautiful; I have yet to post a photo of our little beauty (on this site anyway) which is tardy of me. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent time with her on three separate occasions, despite being a 1.5 hour drive away. Alison and Scott are coming up again on Sunday and Ali and the baby will spend three nights with us. This is the second time they have come for a few days, and although I have to work everyday this time around, I don’t mind because I pretty much get to be on baby duty after I get home and have fed everyone.
Daisy Amber

I love helping out and spending time with this little darling throughout the night, feeding her and seeing her off to sleep. And because it’s not a permanent situation I don’t worry so much about being tired. It’s worth it to spend time with the baby as well as give her tired mama a break.

When Alison announced she was pregnant one of the first things she said to me was that she wanted to ‘share’ this baby with me. I was touched and honoured and understood why she was saying this to me although I didn’t set my heart on it too much as a lot of women expect to be a certain way with their first born, however it doesn’t always turn out that way. So far, Ali has proven true to her word. She and Scott have said that after themselves, they want me to be the most predominant person in Daisy’s life and they know they can count on me to help out in anyway I can. (Both sets of Grandparents live over an hour away; Scott’s parents are in ill health, and Wendy and Dave, although delighted to share in all of Daisy’s experiences, aren’t up to chasing toddlers around.) I’ve already been booked for a weekend in April, and again in November and can’t wait for all the times in between. It’s lovely that Wendy is only up the road and I can take the baby for a walk to Grandma’s in the pram.

I’m blessed enough to have two small nieces and one little nephew, (and of course there is the almost grown up Jake), however because our gorgeous Clara lives nearly 5000 miles away and little Archie is looked after by his mama’s side of the family, I don’t get to have as close a bond with them as I would have liked.

Jake and his little brother Archie

Our beautiful Clara modelling her UK fashion :)

The love will be no more or no less but I’m so pleased and excited to finally have a little child in my life again that I get to help take care of on a regular basis. 

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Anonymous said...

Sweet babies. Daisy Amber is sweet and what a beautiful name...she reminds me of Mackenzie when she was my teeny weeny baby. And look at her now onery (not sure how to spell that...lol)as all get out. Clara is beautiful as always. And handsome boys too!

Jody, I am a tired mama....when can I get you booked to come out here?? ;)

Love you!