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Monday, March 21, 2011

Day Six: Favourite Song (and no its not Super Freak)

I'm kind of looking forward to getting past the first 3rd of this challenge as so many of the questions are about 'favourites' and I have a hard enough time deciding what I'm going to wear in the morning and although I do have a lot of clothes, I don't have nearly as many clothes as I do choice in music, food, movies or books.

I'm not the only one with more than a few favourite songs.  I think we all have a certain song or two, when upon hearing it will be transported back to a moment in time that we had forgotten all about.  Last year when I was home with mom for her lumpectomy, I introduced Stacy to Florence and the Machine.  One of my all time favourite songs from last year is this amazing band's 'You've Got the Love'.  We listened to that song so much that it reached a point where if I began to belt out the opening line, Stacy would follow with the 2nd verse and before long, Mom was piping in with the verse 'you've go the love I need to see me through...'  The song was meaningful for so many reasons and I will always smile when I hear it.  Always. 

Mr. Jones by Counting Crows always takes me back approximately 17 years ago to a fun night at a friends house, one where my sister had unexpectedly joined us.  Tawny was never a very big party girl (not in my presence anyway) and I can still remember her sitting on the couch, drink in hand chatitng with whomever was next to her; when the opening bars of this song began to play, she started swaying to the music and singing along and from that moment seemed more at ease and began to start enjoying herself. I love that song if for no other reason than it makes me think of her.

You just need mention 'Faith' by George Michael and I feel like calling my friend Cat.  That's a story for just me and her though ;)

As with my sister's favourite choice in song for her challenge over at  Five Days in May, Blue Rodeo is and always has been one of my favourite groups.  I adore Jim Cuddy's voice and can listen to him for hours.  A few of my best loved songs are sung by this guy.  My most favourite though, hands down, is Bad Timing.  I adore this song. For many different reasons.  As soon as I hear the opening bars, the hair on my arms stand up. It's beautiful and special to me for a variety of reasons.

Two other songs that tie for second place are:  Concrete Blonde's 'Joey' and Live's 'Lightening Crashes'.