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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Five: Favourite Food

Ok... I'm going to make this one relatively short. I love food. You put almost anything in front of me and I'm going to eat it, with the exception of a few foods you couldn’t tempt me to eat, not for $1000… like foie gras for instance. No way, uh uh. I feel bad enough at times that I’m an eater of meat but I do have my limitations. Oh, and I won’t eat liver or any other organs. Yuck.

I prefer foods that are healthier for you and don’t leave you feeling stuffed and uncomfortable like salads and grilled vegetables, however sometimes I just love a plate of fish and chips.

Andy and I love to travel and one of the best parts of travelling is trying international foods. I love just about anything Mediterranean, especially Greek food. Slouvaki, Stifado, olives, hummus, feta you name it. I love it and nothing beats sitting in a taverna in Greece sipping on a cold Mythos and eating olives and Greek salad.

I haven’t yet been to Thailand but it ranks high on my list of places to see. And boy will I have myself a good time whilst there, trying out all the cuisine on offer. Oh boy. I’m drooling just thinking of it. Andy and I must seriously consider this amazing country as soon as possible.

Ok… I know as usual I’m supposed to only name one, which is just ridiculous. So, I have to say that my favourite foods are as follows:

Stir Fry (just about any) and Thai Green Curry with Chicken or Shrimp

Of course, you give me a dish of homemade guacamole, made from a recipe my sister Tawny originally shared, (it’s thick and chunky), a bowl of home-made pita chips and a glass of wine and I couldn’t be happier.

My little sister took me to an incredible restaurant when I was last in Nova Scotia, called the Wooden Monkey. We had this and it was absolutely To.Die.For

Spicy stirfry made with vegetables and tofu

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