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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Two: Favourite Movie*

These questions are never easy for me.  I mean honestly, how are you supposed to pick just one?  I've been thinking of this answer off and on most of the night.  Would I go with my all time favourite movie from when I was much younger?

The problem is there were two movies I watched at least 10 times over, if not many more:


I love both of these for various reasons. 

Stand by Me because its a damn good film and not just because I had a major crush on both Kiefer Sutherland and River Phoenix when I was younger.  It's just a very good film.  The acting was superb especially when you consider the cast consisted of predominately teenagers.


The Princess Bride... well I love the quirky spin on this story about true love, princesses and torture.  I can tell you what most of the characters are going to say before they say their lines themselves. I love it that much. 

I have also read both books these movies are based on... again, more than once.  

If it came down to it though, I would have to say the winner for my all time favourite is Stand By Me. 

A few other movies that stand at the top of my list:

Sense & Sensibility
The Shawshank Redemption
Pulp Fiction
The Bridges of Madison County
Reservoir Dogs
Burn After Reading
The Truman Show
The Usual Suspects
Bruce Almighty
Notting Hill
The Lost Boys
Thelma & Louise
The Mexican
Pretty Woman  
What's Eating Gilbert Grape (I forgot to mention Johnny Depp as one of my fav actors in my first post)

and of course more recently:
The King's Speech and 127 Hours

1 comment:

Tawny said...

Good one! I'm expanding on my list of 25, going for my own list of 100 top movies and will definitely add SBM.