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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 10: Favourite Outfit and Day 11: Recent Picture of Yourself (Yes I've combined two again, I'm way behind in this challenge)

This weekend past found Andy and I in London with our friends Robert and Dawn.  Dawn wanted to share her 50th with us and we were happy to oblige her. It was a fabulous weekend full of extravagance and champagne fueled delights. It wasn't like any other visit I've made to London (and many of these trips have been memorable for various reasons) and I honestly say I think it's spoiled me for any other weekends that might be spent in the Big Smoke.  It was absolutely amazing and because the four of us travel so well together, we intend to to it again next year.  Maybe not the same city, but the same sort of mini-break, for sure. 
A trip to the theatre followed by cocktails at The Savoy (one of the most stunning hotels I've ever been in) gave us the opportunity to wear my most favourite outfit at the moment.  I have only worn it twice, because it's not 'practical' but by God it makes me feel a million dollars;  like no other outfit I wear.  It's a blue dress kindly loaned to me by my baby sister and my hot pink, high heels that I absolutely adore.

And here is a very recent picture of me taken with Dawn
(on the Friday night before Les Mis)

I think we both look awesome if I say so myself... and no way does my gorgeous friend look 50 eh?

Of course I have a couple of favourite 'every day' outfits but I thought this was much more interesting. 

Here is another recent picture of us where I'm in one of my other favoured ensembles:

Nothing like a great glass of champagne in St Pancras Station next to the Eurostar, how dreadfully civilized.

 (I will do a photo blog soon of our London trip, as requested :)



Fern Wimpley said...

I love that you love that dress so much.
Love you sister!

Cat said...