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Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll jump on board with this too

My sister over at Five Days in May has decided to do the 30 Day Challenge.   I think its a good idea as it will keep things light, and possibly open up the lines for discussion or even encourage a few of you to do this yourselves.  I wasn't going to proceed at first because some of the questions will be difficult to answer, as will finding the time.  However it wouldn't be called the 30 Day Challenge if it was going to be easy to come up with answers, find pictures, etc.  It would be called the 30 Day Ride in the Park.  So I will give it a go.  I can't promise to commit to 30 days in a row (unlike when I did my 30 Day Shred) as I have a few events coming up that will take me away for a few days at a time, however I will not quit until I've done the whole challenge.  If nothing it will up the number of posts I do this year because I've been sadly negligent so far.

So here goes nothing:

* Day One:  Favourite Actor

Most of you who know me well will probably expect me to say Brad Pitt. I even expect me to say Brad Pitt.  I've been watching this man from the beginning in such films as A River Runs Through It and Thelma and Louise.  (Both excellent movies) 

Brad has been in some amazing films throughout his career and I'm not ashamed to say I've watched most of them.  However, I won't go see a movie just because he is the head-liner.  So I have to pause and think of which actor is most likely to motivate me enough to see a film for the sheer fact that he is in it and the result is:

Oh who the hell am I trying to kid?  

It's still Brad Pitt.

Lame I know.  But I can't lie to you or myself.  There are so many wonderfully talented actors out there; ranking high on my list are Colin Firth (amazing), Bruce Willis (I don't feel any need to explain this one), Ed Norton, Kiefer Sutherland (one of my all time favourites), John Malkovich, and Morgan Freeman (for that voice if nothing else).

Brad isn't even a player in most of my favourite movies.  But there it is...  Brad Pitt.  His acting has been less than stellar in a few movies like Troy (but if he takes off his shirt I tend to lose sight of the acting ability, and yes, I am that shallow). When I think of some of the amazing roles he's excelled at, in films such as Burn After Reading, Fight Club, Ocean's 11, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and there you have my answer.  Plain and simple.  And as mentioned in my Troy blurb... he's pretty.  And we know how I am when it comes to the pretty fellas; especially ones who can act with or without their shirt.


Laraf123 said...

Really, no explanation or justification necessary. Look at him. Seriously, he could stand in my kitchen and read my phonebook and I'd still choose him as best actor. Oh, Brad, please stand in my kitchen and read the phonebook...

Tawny said...

I'm glad you're doing this too!!

And as much as I disliked Burn After Reading, I LOVED Brad Pitt in it!