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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Seven: Favourite TV Show

Warning: this a compilation of sorts.

One of my favourite TV shows ever is linked with one my favourite memories of my Nan. I’ve mentioned before on this site that I used to spend many a Saturday night with my grandmother watching the Golden Girls. I baby-sat a lot for my aunt and because Nanny lived there it worked out well because not only did I get some extra money, it was an added bonus to spend time with my Nan whilst we nearly cried with laughter over the antics of the blue-rinse brigade. That show had a charm about it that many struggle to find these days. It makes me sad that Betty White is the only Golden Girl left, although I adore her strength of character and ability to still make me laugh at the age of 89. My grandmother would be proud of Betty.

I was a late comer to the Sex and the City Phenomenon but let me tell you, when I moved over here and realized it was on every night, I was quickly converted. I love everything about that program and never tire of re-runs.

I only own one full box set of a series, and this of course is Six Feet Under. SFU is probably one of the best shows in the history of television; the only disappointing factor for me was Season 3, it started to lose me throughout the first six episodes or so. Thank God I persevered. What definitely makes this the best series for me to date besides the writing and acting is the way they ended the show. I have never, ever seen a finale that has left me with such an emotive response. It was absolute brilliance and so in keeping with the format of the whole show.

My favourite current program is another show that I was a late comer to, yet isn’t surprising as it’s by the creator of Six Feet Under… True Blood. I kid you not. I’ve loved vampire lore since long before Buffy or Twilight ever came on the scene (both of which I am not a fan of… sorry. I’ve tried but Bella makes me want to drive a stake through my own heart). I soaked up all the Anne Rice books and respective films, and adored The Lost Boys; I used to sit in my room and listen to the Lost Boys record dreaming of Kiefer Sutherland. A friend suggested I check out True Blood after she heard I was a Supernatural fan. She assured me it was the best ‘supernatural’ show going, much better than Vampire Diaries (which I don’t watch) and even Supernatural, which I love to watch if for no other reason than the beauty of Sam and Dean Winchester (don’t ask me to chose between them because I won’t). My friend was right… I love it and I hope it goes the distance and doesn’t end after four or five seasons like so many favoured shows have done in recent years.

A few of my other favourite shows are/have been:

Dexter (this could tie for first place, seriously)
Grey’s Anatomy
Lost (although it ran away from its viewers at times)
Prison Break
3rd Watch (One of my biggest disappointments was missing the final season due to my move to Britain).
Men in Trees (I was so annoyed this was cancelled after two seasons)

High on my list of shows to embrace are: Mad Men (I have the first season) and Modern Family.


Tawny said...

True Blood was one show that I tried watching and could not get into. Something about Anna Paquin's syrupy sweet demeanor and tooth grin drove me nuts! :)

Dexter though... Whoa :). We're behind by a season right now but the finale for the last season we watched still haunts me.

Laraf123 said...

I loved SFU as well and will probably have to get the box set. I absolutely adored LOST for the first 2 seasons--you couldn't peel me away from the television on Tuesdays!