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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Quote of the Day:"I don't understand why you were told that yesterday, from what I know, its a go" -- Allen, BHC.

Song of the Day:Come Away With Me -- Nora Jones

I can't believe what has happened now. At 9:30 this morning I received a call from Allen at the BHC in response to the message I left on his voice mail last night. He informed me that he had no idea what I was talking about and would go 'investigate'. He called me approximately 15 minutes later to say that the woman who called me yesterday had made a mistake and I was wrongly informed. He said that if I had a moment he was going to interview me, (of course I did), and he then informed me that anyone who reaches the final interview stage is pretty much guaranteed a visa, once final approval is given by the clearance Entry Officer. Lo and behold, at 4:30 this afternoon Allen called back to tell me that I was approved for my Fiance Visa and when would I like it valid for. Am I happy about this??? Let's just say I'm more than ECSTATIC. Allen is my new best pal. And I have to say, he's an upstanding guy - never once did he contradict me when I was upset and reminded him of everything he told me in our initial conversation re the Fiancee Status - he totally backed me up. Like I told Andy, sometimes it not worth it to risk pissing the people you need most off.

Estimated Time of Departure:
It looks as if I will be leaving around the 12th of December. To say Andy and I are thrilled about being able to spend Christmas together is an understatement. To leave my family just before Christmas is not so great, however I need to be with Andy, we've waited long enough, and I'm sure my family will understand.

My Old Stomping Grounds:
I'm so glad I put off cancelling my lunch with Kristin today as things turned out to be much better than they looked yesterday. It was fantastic to see her, though it really hits home how much I miss her when we are together. We had a great lunch and caught up on so much. Being at SV today was really nice and it was good to see former co-workers. What's funny is that it seemed as if I could have just walked right back in like nothing had ever happened - except for when I go in my old office of course and Nancy, the new gal, has it looking way better than I ever did, lol, but its all good. Of course Darla grabbed me straight off and asked me to assist with the resident Christmas shopping trip on Thursday, not to mention she roped me into decorating the lobby Christmas Tree! Both of which I'm very happy to do. I still feel the love, which is great, I must say. And I've said it many times, there is no better place to put you in the Christmas Spirit than SV. I think Andy and I have timed my departure well, as I will still get to do a few Christmassy things before I leave.

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