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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Quote of the Day:
"I think your beautiful and my tongue swells up when I'm around you" Buddy the Elf

Tonight Stacy and I went to see Elf, with Will Farrell. Even though the preview looked funny, I didn't hold out too much expectation as I thought it might be overly silly, never mind the fact that I'd probably seen the best funny parts in the trailer... WRONG! I laughed my ass off throughout the whole thing. I strongly recommend it if you want to have a laugh and begin to get a bit motivated for Christmas. I sent Andy an email informing him that he NEEDS to take his kids to that one.

Speaking of Movies....
It would seem as if Stacy and I have suceeded in the conversion of our mom into a movie goer... last week we took her to see Radio, which we all enjoyed, however mom and I cried throughout most of it. Owell at least I know where I get it from. I remember once watching the movie Simon Birch with my three sisters... by the end of the movie I was sobbing so hard, Tawny had to ask if I was alright... LORD! Anyway, mom is pretty revved up to see a few upcoming movies, mainly Bad Santa, lol, I suppose because its got Bernie Mac in it, whom she loves.

Still Waiting...
Eight days now since Andy has left. In some ways the time goes by quickly and in some ways it drags. Either way, it seems to be taking its toll on the both of us. Today Andy was sounding pretty low, his reasoning for this - he misses me :(. Each day he is asking if I've heard anything from the BHC... As we only got all the info into them on Tuesday, I'm not expecting anything till at least next Wednesday, however I can't blame him, he is anxious to have me there. I know he realizes that the moment I DO hear something, I'd let him know straightaway. I prefer to try not to think of it so often (even thought its ALWAYS at the back of my mind) because I cannot bear to be let down one more time... and the higher your expectations, the harder and longer the fall. It is the most important thing for us at the moment. Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for us. I MISS YOU TOO ANDY, BIG TIME.

Booby's Off to TO!!!!
Congratulations to Marina's son Merle... his grandma told me this week that he has been accepted to the Art College in Toronto! I know Rena will miss her young man, but he is off on a wonderful journey that should take him to the moon (and hopefully back).

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