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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Memorable Quotes
People should think before they speak or make accusations, because once its been said, you can't take it back, the damage is done.

Song of the Day
I Walk The Line (because your mine) - Johnny Cash

I spent the day with Dawn and her mom, Sheila, which was really nice. Dawn and her mom are pretty fun to hang out with, as Sheila is really laid back and easy to be around. I can't say that about all of my friends mothers, lol. Most of them, but not all. We ate lunch at Boston Pizza which was not good for my lifestyle plan, however when you look at the big scheme of things in life, you have to live a little. We spent a lot of time today talking about the wars and watched the Remembrance Day Service on the telly. It was a nice service.

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed...
Spending the day with friends was good, as it kept my mind off this stuff with the BHC. All that has happened to Andy and I is beginning to have a negative effect on me. For example, today while watching the service, I noticed they sang 'God Save The Queen'. I also happen to know that anyone wishing to receive Canadian Citizenship must pledge allegiance to the British Queen. My question??? WHY? WHY? Why all this pomp and circumstance for the British Queen? I realize we are supposed to be part of the Commonwealth, however I have to find it all a bit ridiculous when one little Canadian girl can't get into a country that we share so much with. Anyway, in speaking with Andy today, he's told me that his lawyer is faxing the BHC that, "in his legal and professional opinion, the divorce should go through in the near future, etc. etc." I hope this is enough. Again, I am asking you all to keep your fingers crossed, or say a prayer (whatever suits), that this thing comes through and I am able to join my love. I feel bad sometimes because the stress of this really gets to me and I lean on Andy a lot. I can't imagine what he must go through in England, where the stress is right in his face. I wish we could just be together, enough of this already.

Happy Birthday to my pal, Jason!!!!

Tuesday Is Chooseday
Would you rather:
1. Have a one night stand with George W Bush OR be responsible for his re-election?
If I was an American, have a one night stand with him, but since I'm not, then be responsible for his re-election
2. Show up for work naked OR have everybody else show up naked?have everyone else show up naked.
3. Have teeth as large as a horse OR as brown as dirt with no hope of whitening them?As big as a horse, brown as dirty looks nasty and I'd be more inclined to get a kiss with clean looking teeth.
4. Accidentally shoot one of your parents in the butt OR intentionally burn down their house?Shoot them in the butt, they'd get over that a lot quicker.

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