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Saturday, November 01, 2003

This is getting annoying

Well... for the time being I'm not going to get into the going-on's of my life, especially as I am a bit down with the departure of my Andy. What I will say though, is that I feel an absolute idiot because I cannot seem to cotton on to this blogger thing... So far (and I admit, its only been the past day or so that I've actually been trying) all's I have managed to be able to do is type whatever it is I want to say. I want my blog to be nice like both Dawn and Tuna's. I can't figure anything out... i.e. how to add a comments section, how to ad the side bars with my 'moods, the weather girls, etc, how to change the format and coloring of this stupid ass thing.... which is awful since I've only been working with computers for the past 10 years. I might get more interested if I knew... I guess I'm calling for help from you Dawn.... I think we will have to make a 'blog' date....

Well cheers for now

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