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Monday, November 24, 2003

Quote of the Day: YOUR OLD! -- Cop who Id'd me and Dawn

Song of the Day: Without Me -- Eminem

I'm Not Crazy

Tonight Dawn, Stacy and I went to see the movie Gothika. It was just as scary as I'd predicted it to be, maybe a little worse. It was scary in all the right places, it made me jump more than once, etc. The only thing missing was my friend Shauna... I remember we saw The Ring together and practically clutched each other the whole way through. I guess Dawn and Stacy are too cool for that... they aren't demonstrative at all. I must say though, people locking you up and thinking you are crazy, when your not, would have to be the worst feeling in the world. I'd say it would MAKE me crazy, especially if ghosts were playing around with me to boot.

My Best Gal and My Love
Today my girl Cat and Andy have made contact via email. Catherine emailed Andy to apologise for something she did one night this summer . I hope with all my heart they can work it out. They are two people whom I love tremendously and who I hope can be friends as I want to be able to spend time with Catherine in Colorado, with Andy. I think once they get to know each other they will see that they are both truly wonderful and loving people and I think they are already beginning to realize why I care so much for them both. I also think they are both beginning to realize how much the other loves me... Cat has been with me through a lot of rough rides and I know Andy understands this. The fact that Cat is reaching out to Andy speaks volumes in itself. I know that my friend is experiencing a rough road herself these days and even though I'm not with her in person, I hope she knows I'm here for her, always. Thank you both for trying to start anew... It means the world to me. I love you both so much. I think we could all have a fantastic time together in Colorado as well as in England.

About Last Night
Last night was pretty fun. Dinner was great and for the first time in ages, I've had a little glow on. Mind you, I only had three beers! How sad eh? Funnily enough, when Dawn and I were bouncing around the store looking at various booze, a very cute cop came up to us and said he needed to see some ID. Dawn grinned from ear to ear while she passed him her ID, with a big "THANKS". I handed him mine and said, 'your about 12 years to late...' he just looked at the ID's and said 'YOUR OLD' with a big grin. We were quite pleased as it couldn't have been a case of him thinking we were cute, we were so dressed down and sloppy looking it wasn't funny. Maybe that was it, added to the fact I had braids in my hair and was wearing stacy's track pants with 'wrestling' emblazened across the ass... whatever the reason, it was a good thing!

7th Heaven
01. Is the world more beautiful because of love? Of course it is...
02. What really inspires you? Who really inspires you? I guess love... love is the driving force behind most people. Andy, Dawn, Catherine, Tawny, my mother, hell lots of people inspire me, for different reasons...
03. Have you met your soul mate? I don't really go into the 'soul' mate thing, but I have met the love of my life... as we all know.
04. Is everyday a special occassion? NOPE, unless you want to say it is, just because you have been granted one more day to live.
05. Who's voice would you rather hear than any sound in the world? My mother/Andy's - its a toss up - both can make me feel absolutely secure and they're voices are always so full of love.
06. Does that 'if I had a million dollars' song make you want to break your tv? No, why should it?
07. Have you ever lost your religion? Yes - and I'm not trying to find it again.

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