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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Quote of the Day: Did you know we just knocked a whole stack of sweaters off the shelf? -- Tasha, AFTER we left the store.

Song of the Day: Holly, Jolly Christmas -- Burl Ives

Midnight Madness Alright
Today, Mom and I were to go shopping after work as Mic Mac Mall was having its tax-free, midnight madness event. Unfortunately Mom woke up this morning experiencing the same symptoms I was going through last week. I ended up going to work at the day care myself this morning. We were both hoping she'd be feeling better at lunch when I got home, but she wasn't. After sleeping all afternoon, Mom still wasn't feeling any better, so I decided I would just have to go to the mall without her . I ended up taking along my little pal Tasha, who is 11. Before going, I made sure she knew what she was getting into. She was still determined to come. The mall was crazy upon arrival at 7:30... we never left until 11:10 or so. It was a long night of shopping but I managed to get a lot done. I just wish Mom could have been there too. We need to wrap things up for Tawny/Sandra/Taylor for posting. Tasha was quite funny while we were out though. I managed to keep her spirits up by treating her to an Orange Julius midway through, buying her a bracelet and afterwards ducking into the mall Arcade to play a few games... she had never seen Dance Dance Revolution before, which surprised me. She was even more surprised when I told her Taylor owned it. I also said that if she loved that rinky little Arcade, she'd go nuts over the playdium in Ontario.

We kept hearing tales of a snowstorm while shopping and low and behold, we we left the mall it was really coming down. The drive home was ok, cause I'm ace in the snow, if I say so myself, and the bad weather did not stop us from shooting into McDonalds for Big Mac combos.... we deserved it, we shopped for way too long! Tasha was laughing on the way to her place, saying she'd had lots of fun and that she'd never been out till midnight before. I can't believe her mom lets her hang out with me sometimes... lol, granted we did call Tanya (her mom) before we left the mall. I'm glad I still have a special connection with Tasha - she's a great kid.

The Christmas Tree
Tonight mom and dad were talking, and dad mentioned he's not really in the mood to do the tree tomorrow. Initially we were gonna do it this weekend, as I'm leaving on Friday and thought I wanted to see the house decorated before I left. I told Dad tonight though, that if he didn't really feel like doing it now, he should wait as it's probably only going to make me a bit melancholy to see it before I leave. He seemed to understand and was ok with that. Besides, like mom said, he's off all next week, there's plenty of time to do it then. Mom assured me that she would help Stacy to decorate, and dad even piped up that she could invite friends over for a tree-trimming party. So that settled that - they will wait to do the tree until after I'm gone, which is probably for the best.

My Wish List
I had a tough time tonight shopping, as I saw a number of things I want for myself. How terrible is that? Surprisingly, I didn't over indulge myself. I bought myself a pretty bracelet, and spent just a small fortune on Redkin hair product. However my hair needs the attention badly and it was on SALE. I refrained from buying myself the gift pack of Vanilla scented product from the Body Shop as I'm hoping St. Nick brings it to me. Other than that, there is not too much I need, other than to be happy with Andy over the holidays. (Well except for a gym membership and porcelain hair straightener - one that is compatible for use in England - as my new one is NOT - however those are a must have before Christmas, lol).

It's Storming Out There
Well, its quarter to two in the morning and I'm pretty much ready to crash. I'm sitting here listening to the wind howl and the ice-pellets hit the window. The last thing Stacy said before she went to bed was "Now all that rain is going to make the snow melt". She just loves the snow. I however don't. Sure I love the first few snow falls, but I strongly dislike scraping my car free of snow, shovelling (not that I ever do much of it), and getting out of bed in the morning to find I have to drive to work in a blizzard. Not to mention the fact that winter hangs on WAY TO LONG here in NS. I must say, I'm not gonna miss that a whole lot. I am content, however to see a bit of snow before I go, just not Friday night!

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