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Friday, December 05, 2003

Quote of the Day:Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.
--Babs Hoffman

Song of the Day: Jingle Bell Rock -- George Straight

3 Couples, 2 Compliments, 1 Adventure!

Three couples went to a restaurant. The women wanted to compliment the men with something that was on the table.
"Could you pass me the sugar, sugar?" said the first gal.
"Could you pass me the honey, honey?" said the second.
"Could you pass me the bacon, pig?" said the third.

Christmas Shopping
Today I just had a look around the mall for some ideas re my Christmas shopping. I held off purchasing anything as Mom and I are heading over to Mic Mac Mall tomorrow as its tax free there tomorrow. I dread the amount of crowds tomorrow, but I suppose its worth it to save a few bucks. I have a number of people I still have to get out of the way... I don't even really know where to start, I just know I'd better. I only have one week left now to get the presents bought and wrapped. I don't even know what to get Dad... maybe Tawny can give me some ideas.

Babies, Babies, Babies
Everytime I turn around it seems as if someone I know is pregnant. My cousin Wayne's wife Jennifer is now pregnant with twins. I feel a bit sad that I won't be around much to see them grow. Wayne and I grew up more like brother and sister than cousins, including the fighting. The ultrasound tells them they are expecting two boys, however I don't completely trust this method and have some small hope that one of those babies is a girl. Wayne shouldn't get off so lucky with two boys... he needs a little girl in his life to give him grief and worry.... Owell, there's nothing saying these two are the last Wayne!

My friend Val, who resides in Scotland is pregnant too. She is expecting her baby in April sometime, which makes me very happy, cause I will be there to help her out with the new one, as well as my little doll 'Lori'. Lori is three and very excited to be having a new baby in the house. Val is just very happy that I will be able to come for a few weeks and help her out, as her husband works away a lot of the time. Val will be finding out what sex the baby is the 15th of December. She is hoping for another girl as she says she wouldn't know what to do with a boy... lol. Anyway, she wants help with a name... she's only come up with one, for a girl... Millie... She's asked me to think of some names... I might wait until I at least know what she's likely having. I do know that she likes cutesy names for girls what with Lori and Millie.

Good-bye Daycare
Today I handed in my resignation at the day care. I'm really gonna miss all the cute little kids - all their cuddles and smiles. Today, one of the little girls we mind quite often, Bailey, who is 2, was all dressed and ready to come with me for the day.... she kept coming over and taking my hand and pulling me toward the door, saying 'lets go, Jody'. She is so adorable... my nickname for her is Boo, from Monster's Inc. It's things like that I will miss, especially since I don't know anyone in the UK with little toddlers, other than Val that is.

I am looking very forward to meeting Andy's children. Now that its on the horizon, I'm actually very impatient for it to come about. I'm thinking of a number of things we can do together when they are with us. I know over the holidays (provided we get them), I want to make bath bombs, cookies, etc. If they wish to participate, I'd love that, if not, that's ok too. Just for us all to finally meet is going to be a big weight off our shoulders. Andy's lawyer has anticipated some problems with the ex-Mrs. and is doing some preparation work, just in case she tries to screw things up for us and the kids over the holidays (as she will be told when the children are due to meet me, as is only proper). It really is sad it has to be this way, but we can't let her bitterness affect ours and the children's Christmas. Andy's lawyer actually received a letter from the ex-Mrs's. lawyer, outlining her reasons for not signing the divorce papers, but what it basically comes down to is that she thinks it's postponing my going there. Oh boy, I cringe at the thought of the direction this all might take when she realizes there is nothing she can do, and that I WILL be there, a permanent fixture in Andy and the children's lives. Hopefully she will just realize it is all futile, sign the papers, and MOVE ON with her life.

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