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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Quote of the Day Your a really good cook... - Andy

Song of the Day Too Lost In You -- Sugababes

Well I made it.... Saturday morning I walked off that plane with my heart practically beating right out of my chest. I was terrified of immigration. I did not sleep on the plane but wasn't feeling tired, just scared. I had tried telling myself that it probably wouldn't be that bad, however I had to hope for the best, while preparing for the worst. To make a long story very short, I had no problems... the Immigration Officer just checked my refusal papers, reviewed what I am not allowed to do, and sent me on through to baggage... no searching through my Christmas gifts, nothing. It was good. Then when I walked through arrivals and into Andy's arms, I pretty much came undone. It all hit me at once... I held up ok until I called my dad (who had already been trying to call) at 6:00 a.m. NS time, only to hear him crying into the phone... he was so worried about me. I think I spoke to my parents about 3 times that day. Andy and I left the airport after we'd had a sit-down, and I was ok through the long drive back to New Waltham. When we reached the flat, Andy thought it'd be best if we had an hour to ourselves before he went to get the kids (who were at his mom's). Well that wasn't overly successful as I cried quite a bit. I think I just needed to get the stress of meeting the kids over and done with. So he went to collect them.

The Children
They came flying in the door, just after I had finished fixing my face. I was greeted with huge smiles and tentative hugs. I don't know why, but I was a little shocked at how beautiful they are.... they truly are. If Andy and the ex-Mrs. did anything right in this life as a couple, it was to create these beautiful kids. Sure they are a bit unruly, but what kids aren't at times... and they are all so DIFFERENT. At dinner that night with Andy's folks, the middle boy, Alex, who is 11, looked at me and said "I'm so happy today is finally here, that you are finally here... I have been waiting for this". My heart melted. It was said with such genuine warmth and childish honesty. Andy's mom has reported that at one point during the meal,when Andy took me off to see something outside that the boys were playing on, Natasha looked at her and said 'Well that's that... she's in and I'm out.". Andy and I did not know this until Sunday night after they had left, but I can understand her feelings, although her Grandma bawled her out for it. On Sunday we went to see a movie with the kids and it was all pretty relaxed. The boys took my hand easily when we were walking, while Natasha walked with her Dad. Also on the drive home, I sat in back with the boys and had a nice talk to them on the long drive home, and when they were tired, they cuddled into me... it was nice. Without knowing what Natasha had said Saturday night at the restaurant, I had purposely done things that day to show that I'm not trying to move in on her relationship with her dad. I think as time goes on she will realize this. Today they came by for their 2 hour visit and Natasha had me come in the bathroom to straighten her hair... God love her, she is trying, and that's all I need. Tonight when they left, I was in the kitcen slicing vegetables, and they both (Connor was at his Xmas concert rehearsal) came in to hug me good-bye - its such a good feeling that they are managing ok with me. I don't think they could willingly come to me for a hug, without being prodded, if they weren't taking to me. Unfortunately they had informed their dad that their mom had given them a lot of grief on Sunday night when he had returned them safely home... questions such as "is she prettier than me?", "is she bigger than me", "do you like her better than me?", all a bit pathetic really, but I can't say I didn't' expect it. Oh, and on Friday, she had tried to stop Andy getting the kids this weekend through the lawyers, but at the threat of court on Monday morning (pre-arranged by Andy's lawyer) she quickly changed her mind. She knew what was what. Anyway, so far all is well with the children. I'm looking forward to getting to know them. Now I just have to work on Andy in regard to the kids... he's a little high strung with them, and now he need not be, he has help, and his time with them is so short, I don't want him to be at them about silly little things.

Good Things About England
1. Andy
2. My own apartment
3. The grocery stores (Some really cool food choices)
4. The booze
5. Booze being sold in the convenience/grocery stores
6. The weather (wavers between 1 and 7 degrees - and NO snow...yeah!)
7. The ice-cream and yoghurt (they are kick ass)
8. The aerobics schedule
9. The music/videos
10. The shopping

The Not So Great Things About England
1. The Diet Pepsi
2. The TV shows
3. The grocery stores (some of my favorite things are NOT available - but I will prevail)
4. The fridges
5. The closet space
6. The driving
8. The litter
9. A lot of movies are released over here much later
10. The time difference

Now, as you can see, my gripes (so far) are the same in number as my likes, however these gripes are nothing serious... only I wish the TV had more up-to-date American shows that I like i.e. Survivor & SVU, especially since there is not a lot yet for me to do, however I will adjust and I'm not someone that needs the TV. I've been here on my own now (while Andy is working) for three days and I've managed to fill my days. My first few days were a bit strange and melancholy, but I really think this is going to work for me. I know I will have good days and bad days, and although I miss my family and friends something fierce, this is something I need to do, and I know I can. The love and support I get from Andy completely reaffirms this.

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