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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Quote of the Day:Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me to death.
--Betty Bender

Song of the Day I'll See It Through -- Texas

The tree that stands alone...

There is a little tree, one that looks like the famous 'Charlie Brown' tree, that stands on a ridge above the #101 highway, just before the Bedford Exit on your way into the city. For as long as I can remember, someone has had the spirit in them to decorate this little tree. Each year I look forward to seeing it all lit up. To me, its when the season really starts. I can't remember the name of the man who does this (he was featured on the evening news last year), but thank you, whoever you are, for this little touch of the Christmas Spirit.

3 More Sleeps
I have three more sleeps, until its time to leave. I'm so excited in so many ways to finally, finally be going to my Andy. We have waited so long, and its going to be so special for this reunion, especially as it is the Christmas Season. As you have heard me say numerous times, and as is obvious from my quote/song selection, I'm really apprehensive about facing immigration again. One part of me says, 'don't sweat it, what will be, will be'. The other side of me is telling me the whole thing is going to be awful. As the time is drawing near, I really wish Andy could be here with me to hold my hand, as we had originally discussed. However I get annoyed with myself for this thought. I am a big girl, and although my previous experience was horrible, its almost as if I need to do this. Its almost like a rite of passage for me, if you can understand that. I kind of need to prove to myself that I CAN do this... I will do this, because the end result will be worth it.

What About the Presents???
I've been thinking about the presents I will be carrying in my luggage. The ones that I am giving to loved ones in England are no problem, as I won't be wrapping them until I'm there. However, my family have wrapped and prepared presents for Andy and I. Initially I was worrying about Immigration unwrapping everything, which is a nasty thought, but one I can live with. What I started thinking about today though, was what if they ask me if I know what's in them??? That would be awful, as you are supposed to know what is in your suitcase. Roisin gave me a great idea (she's brilliant really), - to have mom or stacy write down everything that's in the presents, that way if I'm asked then I can say, everything that's listed here, is in those gifts. Sounds good to me....

Jods Review

The Last Samurai

All four of us, Glen, Darla, Stacy and I, spent a full 2 hours, 45 minutes last night completely engrossed in this movie. The scenery, the direction, the acting were all absolutely brilliant. I often say one sign of a good movie, especially one this long, is that its over much sooner than you expected it to be. I hear there is talk of an Oscar for this movie, and for Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise did a fine job, especially if that was him really speaking so much Japanese. I can see him being nominated for an award, however I am a bit dismayed that his co-star Ken Watanabe is not given more recognition. He was absolutely fantastic, and played a very important role in the movie, more so than the others listed BEFORE him in the credits (next to Tommy), likely just because they are more well-known actors. All seriousness aside though, I think I have found yet again, one more ethnic actor to swoon over - this man's intensity is captivating. In my eyes, he was the Last Samurai, the last true one, anyway.

Ken Watanabe

Love, Actually
Darla and Glen gave me a copy of this CD as part of my Christmas gift... I've been listening to it all evening, its really really nice. Its making me think of the movie, which I think I wouldn't mind seeing once again. I'll also think of my two pals when I listen to it as well.

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