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Friday, December 05, 2003

Quote of the Day: What are we doing WRONG! -- Kathy who was helping me put the lights on the tree.

Song of the Day: O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

Today I went into SV to decorate the lobby Christmas Tree. I must say, it took a long time to get it up and going, and I was glad when it was done, however I had a great day doing it. We actually didn't start the tree until nearly 11:00 a.m., as we had to ensure which lights were in fact working. We found three sets that were, however, we put them on backwords (the plug was not right). We took them down and put them back on right, only to find that one set that wasn't working right. By this time, I gave up and went to lunch with Marina and Shauna. When I got back, luckily two staff members had taken pity on me and had fixed the lights. Granted there was only two sets of lights on the tree now, and they didn't quite reach the bottom of the tree, but owell, enough was enough. The rest of the afternoon was spent singing and dancing around the tree whilst decorating, with Marina and Shauna. A good day, even if the tree left a lot to be desired, when I agreed to do this for Darla, I warned her I wasn't the best decorator, and that particular tree and its decorations are NOT user friendly.

Oh, the VISA:
Today my passport came in the mail, with visa attached. I was very happy about this and Andy has booked my flight for next Friday as scheduled. The only trouble is, with all the stress of our life these days I don't know if I'm coming or going and have a ton of mixed emotions about the holidays. Its not just my personal emotions either, but his issues in regard to the ex-Mrs. and the children. Its more of the same old, same old, nevermind my axiety re immigration officers, so I won't get into ANY of it. You'll all thank me in the end.

Well since its Thursday night, Stacy's and my date night to watch Friends and Survivor, I don't have much time left to blog. I look forward to these nights with Stacy and tonight we are being bad and ordering pizza, something we haven't done in a long time, but when your running out of Survivor nights, what can you do????

The Last! (This was done post-TV, lol)

last car ride:Tonight with Mom and Stacy into visit John
last kiss: John - goodbye
last good cry: Tuesday evening
last movie seen: It's Showtime (on dvd)
last cuss word uttered:shit
last beverage drank: diet pepsi, naturally
last food consumed: pizza
last crush:
last phone call: Andy
last tv show watched: Will & Grace
last time showered: 2 weeks ago??? (I take baths, lol)
last shoes worn: my black lace up shoes
last cd played: My homemade Christmas CD (while decorating tree)
last item bought: A pizza - if that doesn't count, pottery from Claytime
last downloaded: Two Different Worlds - LL Cool J
last annoyance: Someone cutting me off mid sentence
last disappointment: Finding out Friends was a repeat tonight
last soda drank: Naturally.... diet pepsi
last thing written: My blog
last word spoken: I don't know where she get's that... (this thing from Dawn's site)
last sleep: Last night - this morning till 9
last weird encounter: The guy from RBC, who cut my pension cheque. was JUST like Nicholas Cage.
last time amused: watching Will and Grace tonight.
last time wanting to die: as Dawn said, back in my teens
last time in love: I'm in love right now
last underwear worn: blue La Senza thong
last shirt worn: black GAP turtleneck sweater
last time dancing: this afternoon in lobby of SV
last poster looked at: Photo of a dock on a clear lake with reddish sky over mountains - by Mel Allen
last show attended: Movie - The Missing, Show - Wake Me When Its Over - Grafton Street Dinner Theatre

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