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Monday, December 08, 2003

Quote of the Day: We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.
--John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Song of the Day: Nothing Really Matters -- Madonna

The PussyRanch
Right - the other day I was nosing around a few blogs, and I found a link to one called "pussyranch - the soul of the pole". I had to take a look and low and behold it's the blog of a girl who happens to work in a peep show. She actually sits behind a glass partition and does pretty much what is asked of her. She has no bones about calling herself a stripper. She is very pretty, (minus a pretty bad tattoo on her left thigh), smart and very witty and funny. Much of the time she talks about the regulars that come into the show, sometimes she talks about life in general and sometimes she talks about her boyfriend, who just seems to accept her just fine for who she is - on Saturday he proposed to her. Every now and then she talks about how her/his family doesn't know what she does for a living. It can all be quite interesting I must say... for the most part I like how she is so free to be herself and doesn't make excuses for anything. And its true what she says, the things that upset most girls, don't upset her. I wish more of us could adopt an attitude that is less self-depreciating and more self-accepting.

I can't wait until I'm safely in England and can stop worrying about dipping into my pot of savings that is so necessary for this visa of mine. I've just about finished all my shopping, but still have a bit to go, and I'm a bit frazzled. Soon, my money will be my own, to spend however I see fit. I love buying gifts for the people I love, even those who are not so easy to buy for.

Nine More Sleeps Till...

The Lord of the Rings -
The Return of the King...

I really can't wait until this comes out. Andy says he's pretty sure that its premiering in London on the 12th... I wish we were able to see it then, however just the fact that I will be seeing it with him in England is good - so long as he doesn't mind me drooling over Viggo!
Glen, Stacy, Dawn and I were gonna go see it if I was still here, as I don't intend to be, we are going instead to see The Last samurai tonight . We're heading down to Studio 7 in the hopes that Stacy will be off in time to come see it with us. Dawn, well she and Stacy have plans to see LOR together, as Dawn is just not into the movie of choice tonight.

My First Christmas Present... and Wow... what a Gift

Today, Dawn gave me the most wonderful gift - a beautiful journal in which she has placed some of her own words, some whitty memorbilia and some great pictures, with lots of space left for my other loved ones and myself to fill in. Her mom added a lovely note as well. She put a lot of time and work into it, and I will treasure it for sure. It will have a special spot in mine and Andy's place, for all to see. Thank you, friend.

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