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Monday, December 29, 2003

Quote of the Day: A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. --Dave Meurer

It's Happened!!!!

The best thing that has happened over the holidays is that my little sister Tawny woke up to a proposal from Taylor on Christmas Day!!! The whole family is thrilled for them. All day long while talking to my mom, dad and Stacy, they made it a point to tell me I MUST speak with Tawny that day, especially after I'd informed them that I'd tried calling her and feared I missed her. However she called me at 11:30 that night full of excitement, to tell me her fantastic news.... When I finally talked to mom again she told me it was so hard to keep that secret! She said she couldn't even tell members of the extended family for fear they tell me!!! Either way, I'm so happy for the both of them! My biggest fear now is that they will plan their wedding for a time when I won't be able to be there due to this stupid visa of mine!!! I don't imagine they will have a long proposal, as they have only been going out for nearly a decade!!!! Again... I couldn't be happier for these two whom I love so much.

I'm In Love....

These, quite frankly, put Quality Street to shame... I know when I open a can of Quality, I might like about four of the selections... Open a tin of the Roses... and look out... its like little tiny Cadbury Bars all wrapped up... for example, Dairy Milk, Caramel Velvet and Praline Moment.... YUMMY.

An English Christmas...
Your probably wondering how much I missed everything back home over the holidays.... the answer to that... extremely so. On Christmas Eve Andy and I went across the road to the Harvest Moon for a few drinks, then made our way back across the street to the Farmhouse for a few more drinks... it was here that I tried the traditional English Cider... it was quite different from anything I had ever drank in a bar, but it was nice. Not something I could drink pint after pint of, but a nice drink to enjoy. After leaving the Farmhouse, we made our way to his parents for even more drinks, lol. I must say, pubs being open all over the holidays are not something I am accustomed to.... maybe another enticement for Cat, Darla, Dawn, etc. to come for a visit...lol.

On Christmas morning I was quite spoiled by Andy... just a few of the things I received were a Celtic Gold Cross and on a chain and a lovely bracelet, tons of stuff from the Body Shop, a foot spa, and a suede jacket... unfortunately the jacket was not my size and we were unable to exchange it for one that did fit. Oh, not to mention, we went out on Boxing Day and got this loving PC that I am using to write my blog on....

I also received a top from Tawny, one like she has that I had been coveting during my last visit... its 'dead sexy' as the English would say. Tawny also did up some pictures from our visit to Niagra Falls, which were lovely and touching. Mom and Dad gave me a beautiful jacket, and Stacy gave me a matching scarf, mitten, and hat set... I've been wearing it ever since. After I had opened all my gifts I had a good cry, and then got on with it. We spent the day at Andy's parents with his sister Claire, his sister Allison, and her b/f Scott. It was really nice - Andy's mom and dad had also bought me stuff, which almost made me cry. During the afternoon, after stuffing ourselves silly, we all played Pictionary (a game Andy cottoned on to after spending time with Tawn and Taylor). The only trouble for me was that its the English version. I however have to admit that after being with Andy for nearly two years, I know most of the terminology.

Christmas night was almost as busy as the day, as the phone never stopped ringing... I wasn't complaining though, as I was definitely feeling the love from home. Andy wasn't sleeping well that night anyway, as he was a bit bothered the children hadn't called him - they were not allowed

Boxing Day brought the children like a whirlwind... it was great watching them open their gifts... and we had a pretty terrific three days with them. I'm enjoying getting to know them - they are all so different in their own way, but they are good kids and it is evident they love their dad and are trying very hard to accept me into their lives.

Christmas always seems to bring some sad news too...
Despite all the great things that happened this Christmas, I was informed of a few things that were really disappointing and sad... firstly I was informed that my oldest and dear friend's mother has been confirmed with having a cancerous lump in her breast. She is like a mother to me and I had been hoping with all my heart that it would be benign... now I am hoping with all my heart that all will be well. Secondly, I was informed that my Dad's sister has finally lost her battle with cancer on Christmas night.... My Aunt Terry has been fighting her battle for seven years. I didn't know her at all really, but I feel sad for her, for my dad and for her family. Thirdly, I found out that the marriage of one of my favorite cousins has split up... I don't know why, but I feel doubly sad as their little boy is not even 2 yet. Christmas is the worst time of the year to have to hear such shitty news.

Since Christmas
My mood has been an ever-wavering one... one minute I'm up, the next I'm down. I try so hard not to compare everything negatively to back home, but sometimes I can't help it. Today Andy and I were trying to find somewhere to eat our lunch and every pub/place we went into was chock filled with SMOKE.... I'm sorry I find it so gross and its something I have to be very careful of as smoke filled places can easily set off my asthma/bronchitis, not a good thing while I'm over here without easy access to my or even a physician. I'm also trying hard to make a go of it here... I love being with Andy, but I'm so homesick it's really not funny. After all the years I have thought of living abroad, of dreaming of all the different experiences life has to offer, and of being with Andy, you'd think I'd be much better about it all. Sometimes I feel like such a spoilsport. Its just I feel caught in limbo you know??? I've packed up and left most of my life in NS.... I'm with Andy here, starting a new life with his kids... I just hope that all this passes and I can settle in. Everything, I mean, everything, is just so DIFFERENT here.... it'd be so much better if I could have at least one loved one from home here with me.... picking up the phone and calling just doesn't cut it. Well this week is bound to be ok... Andy is off for the next week and we will get to spend some quality time together. He is so good to me, and as a result... I spend most of my time feeling like a first class shit...

LORD OF THE RINGS - Return of the King

Well we saw this movie on the weekend and although I really enjoyed it, I think I was left a little dissapointed. Althought the hobbit's had a more interesting role this segment, they didn't focus on Aragon, Legolas and the troll nearly enough. And the ending was slightly unclear to me as I had an adorable little seven year old (Connor) chatting in my ear and asking me questions throughout most of the movie... but I'm not complaining... he kept me from crying, lol.

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