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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Quote of the Day:
I'm gonna drive you nuts -- Me to clerk in store across the street

Song of the Day: Break It To Them Gently -- Burton Cummings

Humberston Country Club

That's a fancy-schmancy name for my local gym, eh? However it IS actually a country club, of all things... I walked the mile down to the club this afternoon to sign up for a membership. The gal who signed me in was named Debbie, she's a year younger than myself, and not only did she sign me up, she called the local bus depot to have them send me a schedule, offered to take me to the local shopping plaza and show me around the area! I don't think that is part of membership enrollment plan! And it wasn't to get my membership, since I'd already signed up. She had just moved back here herself from Germany (her husband is in the military) and said she knows how it feels to be in my shoes.

So, now I have an appointment with a trainer (what can it hurt?? besides its someone else to meet here in jolly old England), on Saturday morning at 11. I intend to utilize this membership for sure, besides, what else to I really have to do at this point. Not to mention its been over six years since I've actually had to pay for one, and I will NOT become someone who pays out £40 a month to NOT go to the gym. Also, it could very well be a means to me meeting a potential friend. I miss my pals back home in a rather big way.

Domesticated Jodes
So... my mornings usually start around 9:30 now... Andy leaves around 7:00 after dressing out in the living room and only coming back into our room to kiss me goodbye. Once I get up I will get my breakfast and do a bit of tidying up or watch some telly (LOL). Then I get myself dressed and either go for a run/walk. Starting on Saturday, it will be the gym. I've been walking over the little supermarket across the street to familiarize myself with the food, etc. Then its back to the flat to eat lunch, snooze, tidy up, maybe call home or a friend, whatever. Then I start to prepare supper for myself and Andy around 5:30. I can't believe the way my life has changed, however for the sort of short-term, it works. Andy makes sure to call a few times a day and is always so happy to see me when he gets in. Sometimes I feel a bit like June Cleaver might have felt, sans the Beav, of course, lol. Although maybe with a bit of vixen thrown in... the other night when Andy came home I had actually made him a beef stew of all things, however not only was he met with the terrific aroma of his favorite meal, he was met with me wearing a sexy little get-up!... Is that bad or good? I don't know, but after being left on my own all day, and with a studly english-man at hand, why shouldn't I expect a little luvin??? Its one of the great perks of coming to Enlgand. Boy did I miss that man.

Ok... enough of that... I hope no one has actually been barfing.... life will pick up next week as Andy is off for 2 weeks and we don't plan to be sitting in the flat the whole time. It will be a different Christmas, but a good one nonetheless.

Let's celebrate...
Thursday, December 18, 2003

1. What's your favourite celebration ever? Christmas - and my b-day... I have to admit, I like having my own day that's all for me... I'm glad I don't have to share it with a twin, or even worse, Jesus.
2. Where do you love to celebrate your birthday? With my loved ones...
3. Do you celebrate anniversaries? Yup...
4. What other stuff do you celebrate that does not have an exact dates? Hey, if there is a reason to celebrate, hence have a few nips, lol, I'll find it.
5. Ever celebrated anything alone? Can't say I have... where's the fun in that... if something special came up and I had to be all alone, i.e. Christmas, I'd probably choose to try and just sleep through it.

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